8 days post Lletz

Hello, hope everyone is doing ok…
Following a routine smear, HPV+, high grade cell changes CIN3 all found which came as a shock. I’m 46 and all previous smears have been absolutely fine and clear.
I’ve had my colposcopy and punch biopsies but no results yet. The Dr could tell it’s CIN3 so booked me straight in for the Lletz. I had that done 8 days ago. I’ve had no blood loss yet… when should that happen? I just have so much discharge which has a terrible smell. I’m showering 4-5 times a day and changing pads constantly. How long should that go on? I’ve told work I need to work from home as to be honest I am too embarrassed to go anywhere. It’s really not nice at all. And the wait for results is so tough so sending all those awaiting results a big hug!

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Hi JoH I had my lletz 2 weeks ago. Everyone is different from what I read on here. I had a big biopsy done on my lletz so I bled quite a bit. If you using more than two towels an hour and it smells bad I’d contact your GP for antibiotics. You’ve possibly got an infection. I was ok until the second week then I had that smell and straight away called my GP and I’m now on antibiotics and day 3 the smell has gone and discharge is very little x


Hi! I was just wondering how you got on? This is exactly the same as me and I’m going through the vile watery discharge and the smell is disgusting! I’m constantly Changing underwear/pads and going through showers and wipes like you wouldn’t believe! :unamused: I’m day 9 post Lletz and no bleeding as yet so all exact same!

Hi there, sorry you’re going through this also. I called my GP and got 2 lots of antibiotics and within 24hrs the smell had almost gone! Call your Dr today if you can and make sure you are resting. I hope you start to feel better soon and your results are clear xx

Two day just watery stuff for now no bleeding waiting sucks x