3 weeks today since I had LLETZ

Afternoon all,
I had my treatment 3 weeks ago today. I am stiil having a watery discharge. It has eased a little but just wondering how much longer this will last! I know we are all different. I’m also feeling very anxious which is playing havoc with me as I haven’t as of yet heard anything back with regards to my resluts.

Hi @Gemsie30

It seems like things are starting to to go back to normal if its starting to ease so it shouldnt be much longer, its usually upto 4 weeks that these things can last for… its the same with the results, we’re advised to call the colposcopy unit if we havnt heard after 4 weeks xx

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Hello @Gemsie30 and welcome.
This wed I’ll be 3 weeks post LETZ too. Each day I keep hoping I can get away with no pad / pant liner but still not there yet either. Nowhere near as much coming out as it was at first and thankfully that foul smell has stopped.
Also still waiting on results. Was told approx 3-4 weeks. Also factoring in postal strikes.
It’s an anxious time waiting. I feel you!
Hope you hear soon xx

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Hi 1985Lucy,
Thank you, hope you’re doing well!
I’ve become quite self conscious…luckily the awful smell has gone and luckily the discharge like I mentioned is easing. Just can’t wait to be free of the pads now, just not feeling very clean even though I shower twice a day. Fingers crossed we hear something soon, I hate the waiting, I just want to be clear. I had cin2 and hpv. HPV showed last year on my smear but normal cells, then this time I was shocked that I had cin2 so quite worried that there was quite a big change in just 12 months xx xx

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Hi Tinkerbelle29,
Thank you for your response, hope you’re well! Here’s hoping it stops soon, I’m really not loving myself right now, very self conscious xx