recovering from a lletz


I was just wondering how long people have taken to recover from their lletz proceedures? I had a lletz done 1 week ago, I am still having discharge and bleeding as expected, but I am still exhausted and sore. I am still needing to take painkillers every day and use a heat pad in the evenings when it gets more painful. Has anyone else needed to take them for a week post procedure?  

I am also worried as I feel really tired and just not quite right,  like I am going down with a virus or something.  I am having discharge that is pink/brown and watery but it can be really smelly. Yesterday at work I was embarrassed as I thought people could smell me. Sorry to be graphic! Seems to smell like i have bad wind if my pad isn't changed very often. Has anyone else had this? Normal or should I see gp?

I also wondered on a different subject how long people had waited for their colposcopy? I had to wait 12weeks from my smear just to get biopsies,  then another 6 weeks for results,  then another month for lletz. Took from march 11th to July 24th to get colp, them appointment for lletz was on sept 17th. Seemed rather a long time to me. 

Thanks for any replies xxx



I am also one week and one day into recovery. So far what you have described is as to be expected. I too have had the watery, pink discharge. Last few days I have been bleeding very lightly. The smell may be the pads, try using few fresh I find that works. I get pain too but I avoid taking painkillers are I am scared it will.mask anything severe. I like to know where it is. You'll know your cervix better then your nose after 4 weeks. After all its an internal wound trying to heal in a moist area. Takes time and pain :-(

Your ffeeling down and tired because it is an emotional time.the unknown factor of results, hormones all over the place, your body needs time to recovery. I feel bloated and gassy and finding it hard to have a number 2. Take each day as it step towards the 4 weeks recovery. 

I was lucky and was seen very quickly from results to treatment. I am terrified however that I'm gonna have a letter saying I've got cancer. When things go wrong for me it's always goes the worst. 

I am grateful we have the nhs and the treatment. It might take time but it's free and it works. 


Fingers crossed things get easier x


sorry to be bit negative, but it sounds to me like you have an infection. The smell is one of the main things that they tell 'us' to look out for. I think I had an infection after my biopsies, just felt a bit like I had the flu, your description of feeling as though you were coming down with a virus rang a bell.

can you contact out of hours now? If not, get to the docs tomorrow! Better safe than sorry Hon.

hugs, Molly x

Hey have you taken your temp? Bit worried for you that you might have an infection if your concerned about the smell, know that's one thing they say to look out for. Had lletz yesterday, back to work today, ended up coming home an hour early. On reflection I should have stayed in bed, but my work is a small place, one off on holiday, another off till the afternoon because her daughter is ill. Still taking painkillers and got a wheat bag. Feeling completely wiped out, slept this afternoon and already in bed. My stomach feels like I've done big work out and standing for too long is making it hurt more. Feel like I'm being a wimp, hate to be defeated I'm a stubborn bugger at the best of times!! I hate being told you can't do things, and even more so when my body starts to complain! 

But I would definitely get your temp checked if I were you x

Hi yes best to have it checked as sounds like possible infection.  I was bleeding for 3 weeks after my lletz and had a dull ache for about 10 days. I really missed not being able to have a bubble bath.


Make sure you get your temperature checked.


Gemgem, on my post procedure info it says I can bath and shower as normal,  which I was surprised at as I have read on the Internet not to bath, also a close friend said she felt it slowed down her healing and said not to aswell, interesting how it varies from hosp to hosp.

Thank you. I will definitely see a doctor tomorrow, need some antibiotics it seems. My hospital weren't very good at telling me what to expect after the procedure,  just gave me information on the actual lletz itself. 

I am also worried about the results. My smear said borderline changes wirh HPV originally, then I was told it was mild changes at colposcopy,  then the biopsies said CIN 2. Just hope that the results dont keep getting worse! Really hoping this will have removed everything.  Is hard at 25 to be told your body has pre cancerous cell changes - ive been especially emotional as my mum had a hysterectomy for her cervical problems after other treatnent at only 36.  I haven't got any kids yet and really hope this doesn't affect me further.

The fact there are abnormal cells was the bit that worried me the most, not what procedures had to be done, just the fact that they were there lurking away. My mum found out when she was pregnant with me she should have been called for colposcopy but Dr had messed up. She said it was cin 3 & 4, which I think maybe slightly different in what it's called now. She had to wait till after I was born and had three rounds of treatment think it was mainly laser used then. I have a younger brother and sister too so she managed to have more kids after :) i was totally terrified that they might turn round and say it was cancer and would have to have a hysterectomy, which in reflection was an over the top fear, but couldn't bare the thought of not being able to try for children. I am relieved those horrible cells are now in a pot and not in me, and that should be the end of it! X

How are you doing?

Molly xx

Thank you for all the replies to me, has been really helpful :-) 

Molly I saw a doctor yesterday afternoon and she took swabs,  looked at my cervix (ouch!) and then said I do have an infection, so now I am taking two types of antibiotic to try and get rid of it. On them for a week so hopefully that will help. Had to take some sick leave from work as I am feeling unwell and have been told I must rest. 

I talked about my concerns with the doctor about the after effects and she was very encouraging about the treatment and having children in the future. I've just moved house so I need to organise a new gp surgery now for any follow ups.

Becca x

Glad to hear you're sorted, now REST!!!!!

RE your changes, I think you will find you're all sorted now. The most important thing will be to look after yourself and give your immune system a boost to help it fight all this.  I'm reading a book called 'anti cancer' by a doctor David somebody, it's preventative as well as curative. It all makes a lot of sense!

Molly xxxxx