Lletz recovery... Advice & others experiences?!

Hey lovelies,

Firstly sorry if this is posted elsewhere, tried to post this twice yesterday with no luck!

Anyway, just wondering if anyone would be happy to share their experience of lletz recovery? I felt so lucky at first because the procedure itself was pretty quick & relatively pain free (I'd heard & read some horror stories beforehand) & I haven't bled since having it done on Wednesday afternoon. However, my stomach cramps are getting worse, and are now making my back ache & sometimes hurting my bottom & my legs too! I've also had pain/burning in my vagina since having it done but this seems to ease off eventually. I keep thinking I've started bleeding but I'm guessing it's just watery discharge because there's nothing offensive looking/smelling when I check. I also feel so tired & lethargic, I keep going hot & cold too. My pain has woken me up the last two night's, and I've had to take regular pain relief (which is big for me because I only take pain relief when I really really have to).

Today I've developed a new symptom, I can't really explain it but I feel so odd when I walk, like my vagina is pulling down in a way & I'm sooo bloated!

I just wanted to post on here before I hassle gyny/out of hours because I'm sure all of this is expected considering the recovery time is 3-4 weeks but I feel like the cramps & how you'd feel after was downplayed a bit at the hospital & it was like the cramps would only last for the first day.

Thank you for reading :)



I've had 3 lletz. 1st one done in colposcopy clinic, all seemed ok but I had pain and a pulling feeling that was making it difficult to stand up properly and light bleeding. Went to see gp and was told I had an infection and given antibiotics. Second lletz was done under ga in theatre and I had no problems after that. 3rd lletz done in colposcopy clinic, all seemed fine but then after 3 weeks I hemmoraged which they believe was caused by an infection interrupting the healing process. If you're getting alot of pain especially that's getting worse, I would just get checked at the gp or at the clinic where you had the lletz as infection is quite common after this surgery. I followed all the post op rules but still got an infection so best to get checked out xxx

Aww thank you so much for sharing, will definitely contact my GP! :) xx

That doesn't sound right, I'd get yourself to your GP to check for infection. I am three days into recovery from LLETZ and it's so far be straightforward only cramping straight after for a few hour. However when I had my biopsies I got an infection which caused the pain and pulling feeling that you've described. I got it in one side. I hope you feel better soon.