Lletz Infection?

Hi Everyone

Sorry if this as been covered before in the forum, I had My 2nd Lletz procedure Friday, I was ok til Sunday night, since then I have been bleeding bright red blood like a moderate period and sorry if this is tmi but everytime I do go to toilet I’m dripping blood into the toilet, I have small clots nothing major, but also I have back and stomach ache which paracetomol and ibuprofen won’t take off, I don’t think it smells offensive n neither do I feel like I have a temp, I just feel abit tired and fed up! My period isn’t due til next week either n normally on a period I only bleed like this for maybe 1 to 2 days rest is really light, also I have pain only on the first day, I just wanted to know if this is normal as my last Lletz I didn’t bleed like this at all and not as soon after, thanks in advance for any advice

Hey hun,

I had bright red bleeding from the moment i left the hospital after my Lletz treatment and lasted around 3-4 days. It would literally gush (sorry tmi) when i stood up and i had clots bigger then i had ever seen! I was told this was very normal. Hope your feeling better soon xx