Is this normal? Post Lletz bleeding - UPDATE


I had m LLETZ procedure a week today, everything seemed fine. Slight bleeding and watery discharge. Yesterday I started with the fresh blood which I was advised may happen around 7-10 days. I woke up last night feeling sick, and today I feel achy and flu like and have been bleeding heavier and passed a medium size blood clot. Does this sound normal?

My OH and little girl are both poorly at the minute and  my little girl is just getting over a chest infection so I don't want to contact the doctors if I've just picked up their bug.

Any advise would be appreciated.


So following on from the above on Friday I started losing alot of blood (clots the size of a babies fist) I rang Colposcopy and they advised me to go straight to Gynae emergency. By the time I got there I was having to change my towel every half hour (sorry TMI) the Doctor tried to check my cervix but could not see as there was so much blood there. In the end it turns out I had an UTI BEFORE I had my LLETZ done which resulted in my getting another infection. I had no signs of an UTI before the LLETZ but surely you think they would do a quick urine sample just in case as standard procedure?

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to get this off my chest.

Hopefully now these antibiotics will kick in now and my I will get my results back as clear.


It's hard to say for sure but it could well be infection so I think best to get checked. I've had 3 lletz and got infection after the first and 3rd. First I had aching pains in cervix with fresh red blood, went to gp and cleared with antibiotics. Third, I hemmoraged after 3 weeks and they said it waa infection stopping the healing process, ended up in hospital on iv antibiotics. Its very common to get infection after lletz so def get yourself checked out to be sure x

Hi, thank you for replying. It sounds like you've had a tough time with it :(

Yeah, I think I will ring them and see what they say. I would just feel silly if it's a common cold lol but better safe than sorry I guess xx