lletz infection sorry for over sharing!

Hi everyone, apologies in advance for over sharing!


I had my colposcopy and lletz 7 days ago. After the first day I didnt have any pain or discharge, only very small amount.


I had a week off work (not because of treatment just a co incidence) so did have a lot of rest. For the last couple days ive had some pain, kind of an ache but pretty constant. Ive also had pinky discharge that doesnt look bad but ive noticed it doesnt smell very nice! I was very self concious about this at work.


Has anyone else had this or know if its normal? Do i need to contact my GP to see if its an infection?


I dont have a temperature or feel really unwell, just very tired out (fell asleep this afternoon)




Hi esmeella, 

This sounds like an infection . If it starts to smell bad that's a sign . I had the same about a week after treatment and needed antibiotics. .Have a chat with your gp you may need a course of antibiotics. You should start to feel better pretty quickly after taking them. Don't ignore it like I did. I too had pain . Hope you get sorted and feel better soon xx

hey Hun defo get to the Drs , I had mine done today and told I wasn't allowed a bath for 4 weeks #heartbroKen xx

thanks  for advice ladies I'll call gp tomorrow :)

i don't feel awful but you know when you just dont feel right!



And I know about not being allowed a bath when having one would really help the pain! 

Hope you both feel better soon . Can sympathise about not having a bath it's not nice :-( but definitely don't have one !! Xx

I wont! I will call GP tomorrow nd maybe the hospital fo advice xx

Hi Esmeella


how are you feeling today? I was speaking to you yesterday about a similar issue. any way I just wanted to let you know that the first week after my lletz I had awful discharge that was very smelly and I did nothing about it, 2nd week I started bleeding heavily and had clots and yesterday I felt faint and tired. I rang GP and hospital and they prescribed me Metronidazole 200mg for 7 days.


I have only taken 2 so far and feel so much better already. hope you get better soon



I've got a doctors appointment this afternoon so hopefullu get some anti biotics :) 


Hi all just to update, been to the doctors today had some swabs done. GP said my cervix looks 'yellow and has pus' so definitely has an infection!

she couldnt work out what anti biotics to give me as im allergic to pennecillin but is going to leave me a prescription for the morning 



Hi esmeella, 

Glad you got to the doctors. Hope you get sorted and feel better soon. I'm sure you will. Xx

Hi Esmeella


I am also allergic to penicilin so they prescribed me  Metronidazole 200mg. They have worked very quickly.


hope you get better soon xxx

That's what I've got now but 400. She said she wanted to give me something strong xx

I've noticed there is so much mixed information about taking a bath! 

I had my LLETZ done yesterday, took a bath felt alot better then thought "Ooh should I have had a bath" so I researched it and some doctors say it's ok as long as it is unscented and some say to avoid a bath for up to 4 weeks!! 

I'm hoping the bath won't have caused any problems, I feel fine and bleeding is only light with only stomach cramps (to be expected)

Sometimes something as simple as taking a bath can really made a difference!  

My doctor didn't mention anything about taking a bath, just no sex, swimming or tampons