Infection post LLETZ

Hie ladies

I had a colposcopy and LLETZ on the 10th of May. Now I feel really terrible. I have severe backache, I feel sick and have an offensive discharge. It is so offensive that I feel self consious and I am afraid to be around people thinking everyone can smell me.

As if going through the procedure wasn't bad enough I have to get an infection too! This is just too much. I am going to see my GP tomorrow and I hope I get antibiotics to clear this infection. I feel terrible. 

Sorry just needed to vent. 

Hi, (new to this website)

I know the feeling, one week after my LLETZ procedure I also had very offensive discharge even my partner could smell it which made me panic! Went to my gp who gave me antibiotics for BV infection which she said is very common after LLETZ and within a few days the offensive odour was completely better! So try not to worry! I'm sure some antibiotics will clear it up in no time :)


Thank you Sophie

I went to my GP today and she examined me and also took a swab. I am now on antibiotics and I am hoping this will clear the offensive discharge so that I can start feeling like myself again.


I'm going to see my gp tomorrow as I think I have an infection also. I had my Lletz last weds and yesterday I noticed the worse smell ever and it's coming from me! This whole experience has been awful. I can't wait to get the results and hopefully move on!! 

Hope you girls are all well and taking care of yourselves  xx