Infection after Lletz

Hi all im truly fed up at the mo, I now have an infection after my Lletz I feel dirty and run down add this to the waiting game of the biopsy and ive had enough. On a positive note though I would like to put other peoples minds at rest over the colopscopy and Lletz procedure as I found it just uncomfortable and not painfull at all so try not to worry if you have this treatment coming up.

Happy thoughts xx

Hiya, I am new on here, I would agree the procedure is ok, I got my lletz done on Monday! Has anyone else experienced pressure (down there) and stinging, I go on a girlie holiday tomorrow night and am worried it could be the start of an infection :( 

Any advice welcome as I am exhausted worrying about all this


Hi there I haven't had the stinging just an offensive odour but I would definitely call your gp as I'm sure stinging is not a good sign. phone the clinic where you had your treatment they will advise you Hun xx

And as for the worrying I'm right there with you but I'm trying not too, look forward to your holiday and enjoy it the best you can xx

Thank you for ur reply, I think I'd have gone crazy only for this site! Will ring the clinic 1st thing in the morning I think I'd be as well getting an anti biotic before I fly out, hope U get ur results soon I will keep my fingers (and legs) crossed X

Definitely phone them Hun and thank you for your well wishes , enjoy your holiday and let me know how you get on xx

So got to see my gp today and he has given me antibiotics but the good news is I can still have sangria with them (thank goodness I will need a few). Hope U are feeling better X