Infection after LLETZ

Hi everyone, me again.

I have (what I think) is a pretty obvious infection...had my LLETZ done 10 days ago and now have very heavy horrible smelling (sorry!) discharge and pain down there, my tummy and back...

i went to my gp this morning and am a little shocked - he said they don't like to give out antibiotics now until they have swab results so have just been through the hell of having a swab on my cervix just over a week after my LLETZ! He didn't even bother to take my temperature...The nurse said she definitely thought there was an infection and told the gp her thoughts but he still insisted on waiting??

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Has really upset me, came home in tears... just spoken to the Gynae department who said that I need to call the doctor back and insist on antibiotics before it gets any worse.


Sarah x


Hi Sarah,

Poor you, I am really surprised they did that to you. Most GP's normally will just give ab's if they know you have been through LLETZ and have symptoms of an infection, I can see why they don't like to give ab's willy nilly but this seems overboard. I'm really sorry you had to go through another examination. Get well really soon, big hugs x x

Hi Sarah! I couldn't get into see my GP on the day i developed an infection and instead the colposcopy unit at the hospital provided me with some antibiotics. Maybe you could ask at your hospital whether this would be possible? Hope you make a fast recovery...It's such a miserable time! Being examined and refused antibiotics is certainly the last thing you need!! xx

Hey, like Vicky I got mine from the colposcopy unit . They did have a look at me but were very gentle, it didn't hurt at all and I didn't have to wait for any kind of results, I got the prescription straight away. Xxx

Hi ladies,

Thanks for your messages. Ended up getting a prescription of ab from the hospital - like you all they said they should have been prescribed straight away...

Let's hope they do the job! 


Oh bless you! That's awful! I'm still healing from mine and the thought of being examined makes me feel funny! I'm glad you managed to get it sorted :)