infection symptoms post lletz?

Hi ladies,

I had my lletz last tuesday at colp appt after recievin high grade dyskaryosis results from my first smear.  Can anyone tell me what symptoms an infection post lletz has? I have been really good and had a few days off work as I work with children and was told this was advisable because of the heavy lifting and stairs etc at work.  I also havent had a bath as advised until today - 5th day after lletz, however I did wash my hair in the bath as I couldnt stand it any longer! I dont have a shower but have washed, although not used soap etc down there due to risk of infection.  Have also changed my pad regularly although have had very little in the way of bleedin/discharge (sorry if tmi).  However, now I am in more pain than a couple of days ago (like a bad period pain) and for a couple of days I have noticed the blood/discharge smellin a little stronger.  I dont know if I am being paranoid?!  Any advice would be really appreciated and I apologise again if too much info!


Thanks :) xx

Hiya, I had an infection after my lletz and sounds similar to what you are saying, I'd pop to your doctors just to be safe xx

Thank u hun xx

Did u hav to b looked at or swabbed or anythin to b diagnosed with infection? I really dont wanna b prodded n poked down there right now!xx

I've just had swabs and am on antibiotics... Not a nice experience but I'm going through exactly the same right now!!! Get yourself to the docs!! xx

They didn't swab me just gave me antibiotics but did say if there was no improvement I'd need the swabs but thankfully they worked. Hope you're ok xx

Thanks ladies. Wil giv docs a ring. Hope ur both ok xx

I had infection after mine...I still had heavy discharge 3 weeks after and also developed skin infection from havin to wear towels constantly and had urine infection too so I felt pretty rough to say the least. ..They diidnt swab me just gave me anti biotics x

Aww bless u. Ive been to docs and she said it sounds like an infection and she felt my stomach and said it was really tender so has given me 2 different antibiotics to take and said i should feel a big better in 48-72 hours so fingers crossed! Hope u doin ok xx

O good I'm glad you've got it sorted and will be on the mend :) xx