Lletz and feeling uncomfortable after

Hello everyone,

So 5 years ago, I received a letter stating I had abnormal cells and HPV was detected. Since then I have been having a colposcopy every 6 months for the last 5 years. I have had HPV HR for the last 5 years and my cells have gone CIN2 to not being seen to CIN2 again.

Last year I also got diagnosed with crohns which might explain why my body cannot fight the CIN2. So, yesterday I had LLETZ under a GA. After the procedure I was uncomfortable and today I am still very much uncomfortable. It is very strange as in I dont feel constantly in pain, but I find that when I move or try to get up, I feel the pain, is this normal?

Also the surgeon said that they didnt find a lot of cells but removed areas, where it was common and then on my discharge letter from the hospital it said CIN 2 detected. I know I have to wait for my written results, but has anyone had this as well? Just feeling a bit confused.


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This is perfectly normal as the entire area will be inflamed and swollen especially up to a week after the procedure. Then it starts to settle, rest as much as you can and try not to move or stand up too quickly as this will cause pain.