Letter following lletz to discuss results....?

Hi Ladies

I hope you don't mind me posting in this group to ask your advice, as I appreciate the majority of you are going through much worse than I am - but I just wanted to know if I should worry yet or not...

I had my smear come back "severe dyskaryosis" at the beginning of Dec.

Just before Xmas I was booked in for a colposcopy.  They confirmed I had abnormal cells and that these covered the whole area of my cervix and some of my vagina wall so would need to removed it with lletz under General Aneasthetic. It was too large an area to treat under local aneasthetic.

23rd Jan I went into hospital, and after the procedure the consultant said I would receive the results in 4-6 weeks by post and need another smear in 6 months time.

But then I received a letter on Saturday (8 days after treatment) to ask me to come in to discuss my results.  My appointment is on Thursday.

I've been worrying all weekend about what this means.  I tried calling the hospital at the weekend but the department was shut, so rang this morning but they were unable to tell me anything.  I messaged my GP but he said my results will have gone directly to the consultant.

I just wondered if anyone else had been in this situation - Thursday seems a lifetime away!

Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give xxx


Did they advise you to take a family member with you? 

It does sound like they might have found something suspicion with them asking for you to come in so quickly after your results have come back. I can't say for definite, perhaps some other ladies Might reply that they have been asked to come in and it hadn't turned out to be cancer. I would be wary personally because this seems to be the process. 

My only advice to you would be to expect the worst but hope for the best. Perhaps if you had cancer they successfully removed it all with the LLETZ. Take someone with you if you can, plus a notebook and a pen. 

I honestly hope your results are okay xxx

Thanks so much for replying - it's horrible being left in limbo.

The letter doesn't anything a taking someone with me, though, it's very brief - just tells me an appointment has been arranged for me to see the consultant for a discussion and that this has been scheduled for Thursday 7th February.

I had a letter after lletz with an appointment to discuss results and unfortunately it was to tell me they'd found cancer but it was very small 1a1 and it had been fully removed. I had a second cone biopsy to be sure and that was completely clear. That was 4 years ago and all fine now. It could also be that they didn't get clear margins on the abnormal cells so want to do another lletz, some hospitals send that in a letter but I've read people on here getting appointments to be told that. When I got the letter it was for a weeks time but I just got in the car and drove straight to the hospital and said I want to know what's happening, they got a consultant to tell me there and then x

I did felt like doing that myself to be honest!

Thank you for messaging, it really helps to know other people's experiences


I've been called in twice to be told I didn't have clear margins. Though the second time my consultant cancelled the appointment and told me over the phone because she felt bad about me travelling an hour each way to hospital. I think if it's anything they feel warrants an explanation they like to talk to you rather than put it in a letter. 


Thanks for letting me know Meraud, my first thought was unclear margins as it was such a large area.

How's things with you - I see they've found a small mass? xxx


Yes my MRI found a small abnormal area in the back of my cervix. I'm waiting on pet scan results to confirm what it is. I'm getting to be an expert at waiting...

Best wishes for Thursday xx



It's cancer. Awaiting mri and CT scan to stage it and decide treatment xxx 

I'm really sorry to hear your news. Hopefully you get yours scans done quick and you dont have too much time waiting for your treatment xx

I'm really sorry to hear this. Did they give you an idea of stage? x

Not yet, she said she needs the results of the mri to stage it.