Question re consultant information prior to LLETZ



I'm a newbie here, but wondered if you lovely people might be able to help me with a querie. I had low grade dyskaryosis and a colposcopy just under a year ago. They said that the view was blocked, but from what she could see there was nothing to worry about and to have another smear in a year.

Roll on to last week, I had a smear, and then had a call direct from the colposocpy unit asking me to come in the following week. Didn't really think much of it. However an hour before I left for the appointment, I had a letter from the GP saying I now have high grade, and that I needed an urgent colposcopy.

When I got to the hospital they were surprised I was on my own. The consutant said my results showed severe dyskaryosis and there was quite a high chance it could have already progressed into cervical cancer. I had LLETZ at the time, and she said I would hear from them within 15 days.

My question, is, what does she base her thoughts on that she thinks it may already have progressed? Can that be accurate solely based on smear test results? 

She didn't say anything after the LLETZ procedure.

I'm a single Mum, and a little terrified... any thoughts are very welcome! Thanks

I had the LLETZ/biopsy on the 14th and went for my results today - which shows they need to take a wider margin.  I've been booked in for a second lot of treatment along with a hysteroscopy on 2nd March.She said this result would show whether it's cancer or not and then they can discuss treatment if any needed.  I don't know too much about it, but I thought they wouldn't know until the biopsy results came back.

Got fingers crossed for you.

Take care

Oh, dear.. i don't get why the consultant said that to you based only on your smear results.... normally they try to reassure not to scare you... anyway,  fingers crossed everything goes well for you. Xx

Hello. I’m so sorry to hear why you’re going through. I just want to say I also was referred for an urgent colposcopy, however it would have taken 6-8 weeks on nhs to get an apt so I went private and had it done today. My lab result also said severe dyskarosis and highest grade of abnormal cells. The doctor who performed the lletz today told me exactly what he could see and lasered all the bad cells away and took a few cm/s of my cervix to be sent for a biopsy. He did say though that he was very confident that he removed all the bad stuff. He also reassured me by saying that everything else he could see looks very healthy. I don’t think it’s possible to determine whether it has turned into cancer without getting clear biopsy results from the lab and i think it’s so horrible and unprofessional of a doctor to even suggest that. The reason I went private was because I have had such bad experiences with the nhs in terms of communication and reassurance and so on. How are you feeling after your lletz? And how long until you get your results? 



There are indicators on smear tests that indicate an invasive cancer so let's not berate the doctor that was doing their job. I know that everyone is different, but I would far rather a doctor be upfront and honest with me about what they suspect.

It sounds like they have sent your biopsy off as urgent if you only have to wait 15 days for results. How long ago was your LLETZ? Try and prepare yourself for the worst (as much as you can), but hope for the best. It is not definitely cancer, however if the doctor thinks it's likely then I would brace yourself. Cervical cancer isn't the death sentence that it used to be, there are so many survivors on this forum and I'm sure they would love to help if you do get that diagnosis.

This could all come back as CIN 3 yet, which may be easily removed. I hope your results come really quicky for you xx