Results letter after lletz

Hi...not sure if anyone can help?

I had high grade dyskaryosis after my smear...went to my colposcopy and received lletz treatment!

I was expecting my results in the post...instead got a letter on Friday asking me to go and see the consultant on Monday to discuss 'future management'!!!

When I called them they just said its to discuss my results and that I may want to bring somebody! I am now terrified....anyone else had a letter like this??? I know I only have to wait until tomorrow but I am so scared!

(It's been 4 weeks since my lletz)




Hi firstly big hugs to you, I know how worrying this all is and you came to the right place for support.

Try not to worry (impossible I know) but it could be a number of things it could be unclear margins or they found cgin or high risk hpv or it could be they found tiny bit of cancerous cells and need to discuss that.  whatever it was they probably got everything but they like to do either another lletz/ cone biopsy etc.

But whatever the reason for the meeting remember you are in the system now and they have a duty to look after you.  So you are in the best place and in safe hands. 

Try and keep busy today watch a movie or do something you normally would.  Distraction and prayer have kept be sane(ish) lately xxxxx



I'm just getting myself in a panic! 


I think our minds get very carried away with themselves and think the worst as a protection method, all very natural. But try not to worry too much. Go for a walk or anything that will keep you busy but don't sit about fretting. You will be ok. Xx

Ok so I had the same. And yes it was cancer but I was 1a1 and was told that they had got it all with clear margins. They offered me another lletz to make sure. This came back clear. So yes if they have found anything sinister it could be really really early like mine and thank goodness you had a smear when you did. I have had a 6 month smear since which came back clear X X Good luck

Thankyou both so's really helped! Still having moments but it's a bit easier to deal with! Hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly and all will be well! 


All the best Kirsty and I hope it went OK today xxx

Hi...thanks! It was ok, they found a small bit of cancer close to the edge so I need to go back for another lletz/cone under anaesthetic at the end of August!

Consultant seems positive so it's just a matter of waiting now!

Feel a lot better knowing it can be treated and fingers crossed it's all good!!

Not quite sure the exact terms of everything as he was explaining it so I could understand....


I'm in the same position as you :) I also feel a lot better now i know, still find it all a bit strange though. I'm having a cone biopsy under GA on 6th august so i'll let you know how it goes etc. They didn't tell me many 'details' when i first found out but i had another appointment with an oncologist and went with a big long list of questions so i could understand the terms. All the best and keep in touch xx

Good luck! Hope all goes well for you!


Hello, I find myself in roughly the same worry. Having waited almost 7 weeks to get the results, then I phoned them up to ask why I had not got them (they can't tell you over the phone), I finally got 2 letter today.

That reads 'LLETZ biopsy shows CIN2 has been treated. However I would like to discuss your case at our multi-disciplinary meeting in order to review your results'.. then they will write about a 'management plan'. 

The lady on the phone could tell me the meeting is this Friday, so maybe i will know by next week?

So I am now worried whether it means I need more stuff taken away. The letter is a bit vague, surely if there is more detail i.e. not clear margins, they could also put that in the letter, rather than leaving me guessing as to why they need to review? It makes me feel uncertain and vunerable.

Sorry if I sound like a whingy princess, I know some ladies have a lot more to deal with than me. Having never been diognosed with anything like this before ( had dermoid ovarian cyst , & polycystic  but nothing scary) it comes as a shock, the way the not knowing makes me feel. I am generally a positive person, but this has given me a real downer. It has totally changed the way I see my body. 

I hope that when the finally get back to me, I can resore my sense of wellness and move on.

Colopscopy Oct 2016

Lletz 8th December 2016

Biopsy Results 25th January 2017

Hello glad I found this post and hope someone can reassure me. I'm in the same boat. Had my Lletz procedure on 24th March and have received a letter to go back to the consultant to discuss treatment plan next Wednesday (26th April). I'm so scared. It's the not knowing that's killing me. Hope people can reassure me xxxx

I just wrote a post about this! I'm in Canada so we don't receive any sort of results via mail. I was told to book an appointment in 6 months after my LEEP(completed March 20, 2017) and they told me I have to come back on Monday May 29, 2017 with no explanation and cancelled my 6 month check up. I'm terrified.

How are you now? 

I had my lletz 3 weeks tomorrow and I have an appointment at my gp surgery to discuss a report please I'm going out my mind could anyone help me x