Follow up appointment after LLETZ but no diagnosis given

Hello - I'm new to the forum and I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post!

I am very concerned at a letter I recieved from the Gynae Ocologist....

I had an abnormal smear result, and told it was severe. Was booked for a colposcopy and had a LLETZ at that appointment. Which I found very traumatic.

I've had a letter saying the pathology is done but "it showed some abnormalities that we will have to address further." It's very vague, and I haven't been given a grade or any other info as to what has or hasn't been found.

Has anybody had a similar experience? I'm extremely worried about what's been found and am trying not to think about but but keep getting waves of anxiety. 

My GP is chasing for any more info or for a quicker appojnment. I have 2 weeks to wait...

Have spoken to my consultant and it is stage 2 cancer. Will post more details elsewhere, but would be grateful for any advice anyone can give x

I'm sorry I can't give any advice but just want to say I hope your ok. I am currently waiting in biopsy results after a loop and severe dyskaryosis. Stay strong xx