LEEP- Help!

Hi all,

I’m new here, and just wanted some guidance…the internet is ruddy scary!

So…the back story. I received an abnosmal smear with severe dyskaryosis with high risk HPV. I attended colposcopy where the doctor said my cervix looked okay and a punch biopsy was all fine. I attended the colposcopy clinic again and the doctor again told me my cervix had no changes, but we would repeat the smear as it was still showing severe dyskaryosis with high risk HPV.

I have now been booked to have the LEEP procedure on 22nd August. My mind is in overdrive.

Do they biopsy the LEEP sample? If so, whay are they looking for?
What happens if there is something there? What happens next?

My anxiety is unbearable. I am okay in the day as I am busy with my 4 year old, but at night I find myself frantically researching and not being able to sleep. I am hoping to have another child in the future, but my pessimism is playing on my mind.

Any help, guidance, advice would be massively appreciated!

Hi Linsey

LEEP is another name for LLETZ which is the procedure used to remove the abnormal cells, they do also take a sample so that they can check that all of the abnormal cells have gone.

From what I’ve read the procedure is very successful, and I don’t believe it’s overly uncomfortable so try not to worry. If you search LLETZ in this forum or head to the ‘treatment for abnormal cells’ section, you’ll find absolutely loads of people who’ve had this procedure.

Try not to worry and it’s great that you’re going to have the cells removed!

Let us know how it goes x

Hi Lyra

Thanks for your reply. I am now 2 days post LEEP and so far symptoms havent been bad, just achy, tired and a bit of discharge.

My biggest issue at the moment is mt anxiety. I am having trouble sleeping and worrying that I’m going to get bad news. Urgh!

Hi Linsey
Glad the lletz went well,was it painful? I have mine booked in for next Thursday and I am the same as you with the anxiety :smirk:

Hi sunshine24!

Being completely honest, the most uncomfortable bit was the anaesthetic needle. Other than that, it was absolutely fine. The anaesthetic makes you feel really strange, but I quite enjoyed it (strange I know)! It elevates your heart and makes you tremble due to the andrenaline. These symptoms only lasted around 20 minutes. The whole procedural waa fine though. If you can, I’d advise someone driving you there and back.

I’ve been quite lucky so far, just cramping mainly. I do feel exhausted today though, but apparently it can be a side effect of the anaesthetic.

I hope it all goes well for you!

Hi Linsey
Glad all went well for you and you are not too uncomfortable now. Yes the thought of the anaesthetic needle is freaking me out a bit :woman_facepalming:t2:,how long did the whole procedure take? X

I was exactly the same beforehand, but honestly its so quick and painless (besides the anaesthetic)!

My appointment was 130pm, but I waa in at 120pm and out by 135pm.

The longest time is the set-up of the machine!

Hi Linsey
Just wanted to check in to see how you are doing after your lletz procedure? Hope all still going well x

Hello lovely!
So far, to be honest, it hasn’t been bad. I had a light cramp for the first 4 days, then really bad cramping one evening. Since then its just been a light discharge and a very slight bit of blood. I thought it would be a lot worse than it has been. If anything, I feel tired more.

When is your procedure booked for? xx

Ahhh that’s great news,glad all has gone well. Mines booked for this morning :woman_facepalming:t2: xx

How did you get on today? Been thinking of you❤

Hi Linsey
Thanks for the message :relaxed:,the overall process was nowhere near as bad as I thought,had some bleeding and cramping tonight but okay. Going to MDT meeting and should here by the end of October,how are you doing? Xxx

Aww I am glad youre doing okay!
Im doing fine, bit more bleeding but nothing much. Hoping to hear back this week as I was told it would be 2-3 weeks and today marks 2 weeks! xx

Good luck for the results :pray:,keep me posted xx