Second LLETZ treatment

Hi everyone,

Back in 2017 I had to undergo LLETZ treatment as I had CIN3 abnormal cells. I was told after the treatment that I was now at risk of early labour if I chose to have another child. At my follow up smear they found I was still HPV positive but cells all looking normal.

At my next smear 3 years later my cells were still normal but still positive for HPV. Now, another 3 years on I still have HPV and low grade dyskaryosis so due for another colposcopy in Jan.

My question is… if I have to have LLETZ treatment again (considering how much was removed previously) how much more can realistically be removed? Surely it will get to a point where I will be referred for a hysterectomy or am I just being paranoid? My HPV is persistent so can’t help but think this won’t be the end of it.

I’m not planning on having more children so that side is not the issue for me… more so having to go through menopause at 31 and needing HRT.

If anyone has had the same experience please let me know. Thank you

@SophieR1 I have had my first LEEP in 2017 also, like you I had CIN3 rare atypical cells. Every followup was clear until maybe 2 years ago when HPV came back on test and then went away 2 followups later. This past August it now showed I had “rare atypical cells HSIL” again, but they are deeper in the cervix. So I had to get a second LEEP just 3 days ago.

She said she didn’t go “as deep as she typically would” to try to preserve me having another child possibly, because my last one my cervix was thin from the first LEEP. However if the margins aren’t clear I will need yet another LEEP or if they find anything more advanced.

If you are not having another child and your DR recommends another LLETZ for you, maybe that is a smart option so you don’t have to go through with a hysterectomy? Have you brought up the option with your DR regarding a LLETZ vs Hysterectomy?

I hope it all goes well for you <3