My Colposcopy & LEEP procedure

Hello everyone,

Just following on from my last post guys.

I went for colposcopy on Tuesday after having received abnormal cervical screening results of high grade severe dyskaryosis and HPV positive.

I was so nervous about going for the procedure but the staff were so lovely and they helped me through every step of the way.

I went alone.

I was offered the opportunity to ask any questions before the procedure and I just wanted to know what I think everybody does ‘if you see cancer will you tell me?’ To who she replied ‘yes I will tell you’.

I then undressed from the waist down behind a curtain and put on a gown, got in the stirrups and tried to relax. I held the nurses hand throughout. As the colposcopy began I was offered the chance to look at what the camera was capturing on screen but I only managed to glance at this a rare few times. (I am a fainter :joy: and I didn’t want to risk it!)

It was confirmed that I had some severely abnormal pre cancerous cells on my cervix which needed to be removed there and then. I approved and the LEEP went ahead.

I had 3 anaesthesia injections in my cervix. The first 2 we’re uncomfortable (I wouldn’t say painful) and the third I didn’t feel at all. They then put pads on my legs as they use some sort of electrical current to remove the abnormal cells. Removing the cells took a matter of minutes and all I felt was pressure - no pain :blush:

Then they cauterised the bleeding and I was all done.

I felt a little shaky after and a little tender afterwards but all in all, I was fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now I’m just waiting for results from biopsy. I feel this is the worst part… waiting!

I’m 5 days post LEEP now and I’ve had cramping, brown watery discharge and spotting so far. Oh and today I passed a few black clumps which I’m sure is normal.

I’d love to know how your procedures have gone and how long you waited for results from colposcopy biopsy?

Thanks for taking the time to read x

Hi Soph, i hope you are recovering well. I am on day 23 after my LLETZ for severely abnormal cells. Not heard a thing and although i know it should come back ok the waiting is still so hard. Ive had black bits, brown discharge, watery clear discharge, blood and now all seem to be clearing up. I did have cramping for over two weeks but im not sure if this was just LLETZ or because my period was due. I hope we both get results soon xx

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Hi Lucy!
Bless you that’s soooo long to have to wait isn’t it :see_no_evil: I’m constantly trying to take my mind off it, but at the same time coming on here is nice to be able to talk to other people going through the same thing like yourself.
Yeah I’ve got cramping as we speak and the watery brown discharge is insane isn’t it?! I wasn’t expecting this much to be honest!
I really hope your results come soon! Xx

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Yes it feels so long. They did say 4-6 weeks but i just hoped it would be sooner. It is hard to take your mind off it. I was the same i had so much watery discharge every time i moved it felt like i had wet myself! Glad that bits over now. I hope you get on ok. Keep us updated xx

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Yeah I’m exactly the same at the moment. Glad to hear it doesn’t last too long :joy:
I’ll definitely keep you updated, and you too! All the very best xx

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