just wondering if anyone has some advice......worried.

Hiya im new to this but have really found reading the posts on here have really helped. Im Just looking for some advice. I had lletz on the 10th of September and the doctor was horrible. 3 weeks after treatment I had a really bad bleed and had to be cautrised. Two days later I had a letter saying there were some doubts to weather theyHad removed all abnormal cells ans that in 6 months I should return toThe clinic to have another colposcopy I just wondered if any1 eles had experienced The same thing. 

Hi, They do say that some women will need two treatments and it seems from what you have said that this may be needed. I wouldnt worry too much though as if they are prepared to wait 6 months for next appointment they cant be worried. After lletz it is normal to have a 6 monthly check up where they will do a colposcopy and a smear test to check that all is progressing well. Please try not to worry this seems perfectly normal to me. I know its hard though.xxx