post lletz any advice please.


Just looking for some advice.

 I had lletz on the 10th of September and the doctor was horrible. 

3 weeks after treatment I had a really bad bleed and had to be cautrised. 

Two days later I had a letter saying there were some doubts to weather they

Had removed all abnormal cells ans that in 6 months I should return to

The clinic to have another colposcopy I just wondered if any1 eles had experienced 

The same thing. 

Hi Laura,

I'm sorry you had a horrible experience with the doctor, that's never nice is it. I think you will find that it's not all that uncommon to be told that there may still be some dodgy cells remaining and I'm quite sure that somebody else who has had a similar experience to yours will be along sooner or later to chat with you about it.

Be lucky


Hi Laura, 

Im so sorry to hear that you had an awful experience with your Doctor. I had a brilliant doctor but my GP was awful initially, so I know how it feels. 

What the biopsy is looking for is clear margins, when they don't have clear margins (a margin of clear cells around the abnormal cells that are removed) they may refer you for further treatment like in your case. I had a similar experience but going back in 6 months for a repeat smear as one side didn't have conpletly clear margins. Basically the treatment you had is giving your body the help it needs in clearing the abnormality, so your body might just need a little more help. 

I hope this is helpful, your not alone. 

Caroline xx 


I just want to wish you luck.  I'm sure if the results were really really bad they wouldn't make you wait 6 months for further treatment.   At this point the cells are not cancer but they are watching out for you.   6 months time for a check is actually great news and means everything is probably okay and you don't need to worry about it till the day of your appointment.