Called back for further lletz


this forum has been so helpful to me this year just from reading other threads but this is my first time posting.

I had a smear test earlier this year due to constantly being on my period. It came back severe changes and I went straight in for a colposcopy then had lletz and was told it was CIN3 I was due to go for another colposcopy on the 2nd August as my 6 month check but I have just received a letter to say that they want me to come in for lletz treatment again in a few weeks before I have even had a check as my abnormal cells were close to the margin.


i rang and spoke to the consulatant today as was confused about how it came about and he said that the cells were believed to be to close and also it seemed (I can't remember exactly how he worded it) that it went back to an area which cant easily be seen and thinks some may have been missed.

has anyone had anything similar as its panicked me abit again as I'm worried if it's been missed what if it has got worse as I'm still always on my period with rare breaks! 


Thanks in in advance for replies 

I can't offer any advice I'm afraid but I understand how frustrating it is awaiting answers. I've just had lletz again under general cin3 and was told I was to go to my docs for my smear in 6 months and to wait for a letter in 4-6 weeks with results. I did ask if they managed to get what they wanted but was told to wait for a letter. So frustrating as no idea what's going on. I've also had 4 periods in 2 months since all this has started so frustrating