Colposcopy/6 month check up!

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me out please....

I had lletz done in November after my first ever smear 

came back abnormal, the doctor removed quite a large

anount and the results came back as CIN3. I went for 

my 6 month check up yesterday expecting just a smear

but they found something else so did another colposcopy 

and took a few different biopsies I've got to wait another 

3 weeks for the results now. the doctor didn't really 

explain anyrhing I don't no if the lletz has failed or

if this is new abnormal cells or if it's further up than they

first thought...has anyone else had this happen I really 

don't no what to expect now.. 

Hi Vicky, poor you. I have my 6 month check in 11 days. It could be that the LLETZ didn't get all of the cells and they may need to remove more, or it could be new abnormal cells that are CIN1 so may not require further treatment. They sometimes do a second LLETZ if they aren't fully sure that all the offending cells are removed. I know its a worrying time, this is the very reason they do the 6 month check I guess, to make sure they haven't left anything behind. I hope they come back to you quickly xxx

Hi Vicky,

Oh no poor you. I am dreading my 6 month smear next month. Hope it is all ok for you and you don't need any more treatment. Keep us posted

Big hugs and buckets of wine


Thank you both

I'm hopeful but the doctor did seem very confused he was expecting to just be doing a smear, the nurse took me to recovery after because I wasn't feeling great so I didn't get to ask any questions x I hope you both have better luck with your 6 month checks x