Lletz and cin3

Sorry I'm new here so apologies if I'm not in the right place! And apologies for the length, but looking for some advice.

i had a smear in November showing abnormally cells. Attended colposcopy in dacember and had lletz confirming cin3.

i then had a letter 7 weeks later saying the lletz had been successful and to go to my go for a repeat smear in 6 months (great I thought, all done).

i then had a letter in April saying my case had been referred to the mdt and to come back to the hospital for a repeat colposcopy and smear instead of the gp.

i attended this in June and had some biopsies, then received a letter 3 weeks later saying they have found more abnormal cells and I needed to come in for another lletz in August.

I called the hospital and spoke with the nurse to see if it was cin3 again (as they did biopsies), she told me "oh you might not need lletz, we will see when you get here".

why would the letter say I'm having lletz if they're not sure and does anyone else have an experience of 2 lots of abnormal smears so close?


sorry again for the length!


It sounds a bit disorganised. Did you speak to the right person do you think? I would go assuming you need LLETZ, I had LLETZ in April and again in July. 

As you can see from my history below , I've had three lletz procedures and now just waiting for biposy results . In each case the decision to do the lletz was made at the colposcopy appointment once the colposcopist had had a good look. 

Thanks for the replies. Yeah they aren't very organised. Guess I'll have to wait and see