Just had my cold coagulation...discharged from hospital :)

Hi ladies,

Just want to offer some reassurance to anyone awaiting cold coagulation treatment. I know it is different to Lletz which most ladies with CIN 2 or CIN 3 have but in some areas they do cold coagulation for CIN 2 instead of Lletz.


Anyway, I got borderline changes and hpv positive. Like a lot of ladies I was really worried and upset and kept googling which I know I shouldn't have done. I then went for a Colposcopy and had 3 punch biopsies. When I got my results 4 weeks later I was told I had CIN 2 and needed cold coagulation treatment.  


I have just some back from my colposcopy and cold coagulation and I am so relieved that it is over and the cells have been destroyed. They told me that my biopsy had confirmed CIN 2 and HPV changes. I was offered LA but decided against it as the needle is meant to be worse than the hot probe. I was told most women choose not to have LA. When being examined the colposopist put the acetic acid on to show the abnormalities then applied the hot probe for 40-50 seconds. It wasn't painful but I had a dull ache like a period pain while it was applied that eased overtime. I was over quickly. The nurse colpscopist and other nurses were lovely and reassuring throughout the full procedure.


I have now been discharged from the clinic but do need another smear in 6 months at my GP. If it comes back normal and hpv negative, I will be put back on 3 year recall. If it comes back normal but hpv positive, I will need another colposcopy to check for any abnormalities. So they will test my cells for HPV even if the smear is normal.  


I am so relieved and happy that it is over and I don't have to worry and can relax for 6 months. I just have some period like cramps now and have been told no sex, swimming or tampon use for 4 weeks. I can go to the gym when I feel upto it though. No waiting for 4 weeks.


I might do some fundraising and a skydive for Jo's when healed :). 


Hi fab news so glad for you. Hope you are resting xxx