Results are in - CIN II

Hi everyone,

I have just received my biopsy results after 4 weeks and have CIN 2. Kind of relieved actually that it is not anything worse. They want to see me for another Colposcopy and possible Cold Coagulation treatment on the 27th August. I rang today as ideally I'd like my appointment earlier as I am back at work the following week (I'm a teacher so I'm currently off for 6 weeks at the mo) and want to heal but the lady who deals with appointments is off until Monday so need to call back. Has anybody else had Cold Coagulation? What should I expect? Seems Lletz is more common.

Thanks x

Hi i was in the same boat as you as not a lot of info on cold coagulation compared to lletz etc. My results came back with cin 2 and i had cold coagulation 2 weeks ago tuesday, i worked myself up worrying but it wasnt bad at all. It consists of choice of local anaesthtic or general or can even have it without either, i chose local because i suffer from severe anxiety and thought it was the best option for me but they will talk to you beforehand and see what fits best with you, it did sting a little bit as the local has to been given in 4 spots to numb the entire area after a few minutes they place a hot probe onto the affected area for maximum of 20 seconds can be 40 seconds if its 2 areas that need to be treated i know it sounds painful and horrible and to me sound surreal but i did not feel a thing and apparently most people choose to do it without the local anaesthtic then its over i experienced period pains but i was due on 2 days before and was late so this may have been why the only side effects as such i felt was a little sleepy that eveninh this could of been down to relief after all worrying but also down to the adrenaline in the local anesthtic wearing off.


I personally found the biopsy and colpscopy more uncomfortable than the whole cold coagulation treatment once i was in the chair to leaving it was all about 20minutes (including talking through aftercare) the first wcouple of days i took it easy but then got back to normal only things cant and couldnt do really was bath so have to shower to lessen risk of infection same with avoiding swimming 


If you would like to know anything else please feel free to message me 

Kind regards kirsty x

Thanks for your response Kirsty. Very reassuring :). Is Cold Coagulation a treatment generally used if you don't have any children?  I don't know about you but I've not had any yet but would love them in the future. Just seems strange that they want to do that rather than Lletz which seems the norm most places nationally for CIN 2 or 3. They did mention they normally only do Lletz for CIN 3 at my clinic though when I asked about treatment (if needed) when biopsies were taken. My letter says  the histology report has shown an abnormality (CIN 2) which has been sent to my GP. It says I have nothing to worry about but they'd like to see me again for another Colposcopy and possible treatment (see attached leaflet). The leaflet discusses Cold Coagulation.

Hi yes i got the same didnt say my appointment was for treatment just said possible treatment and attached a leaflet for cold coagulation up until that letter i didnt even know what possible treatments were so i just gathered that the leaflet was a sign thats the treatment i would be having as there was no mention to any other treatment types then when i turned up i asked if the appointment was just to talk thats when she said noi would defo be having treatment unless i opted for general aneasthetic which i decided against as just wanted it over and done with.

My consultant explained to me the reason for cold coagulation was because i didnt have any children and planning on having some as i asked why i was having cold coagulation as most people have lletz and she said its because its a small area and because of not having children cold coagulation would be effective enough to get rid of the cells and also wont alter my cervix meaning they arent taking any extra risk to premature birth when i do have children i also have cin2 so seems to me your consultant thinks the same for you 

Thanks. I called the clinic yesterday and my appointment has been changed to 20th August, so a week earlier. When I asked about treatment they discussed the method with me and said side effects are more or less like punch biopsy. They said healing time can be faster than Lletz  and prefer to do Cold Coagulation on younger women with CIN 2 and no children. They also saidif all is well and the bleeding stops (if I have any) I will be able to go to the gym, swim and go scuba diving again after 2 weeks. They said if you are still bleeding then just wait until it stops as in some cases it can take upto 4 weeks. They also said I'll have to go for another smear 6 months after treatment at my GP to check that my cells are back to normal. Did they tell you this? Are you healed and better now?


I'm off on holiday for a week next week so I will enjoy it and think about it when I come back.

Hi yeah sounds like some of what i was told (the bits i remember as when i had my biopsy i had a full scale panic attack so when i had treatment i was concentrating on staying calm lol) yeah i didnt really bleed just period cramps but when i had my treatment i was already late with my period as they are always a bit irregular and then about 3 days after my period happened it hurt a bit more than normal but did get told by my consultant first couple periods after could be a bit irregular but as i was late could be a bit more crampy im exactly 2 weeks now and im fine feel normal just keeping an eye on things still because my consultant some people have little to no discharge for first couple weeks but then can experience some as part of the healing. It seems after couple weeks if the discharge has stopped etc you can do your normal routine things only stop if it causes bleeding and to put off for a week until it stops again, its good they have been able to bring your appointment closer and you should enjoy your holiday and even when your back just think positive after a maximum of 20-40seconds your treatment would have destroyed the cells. 

I know it can be hard to stop worrying cos its all i did but now 2 weeks after i sit and think i stressed for 4 weeks then 20 seconds after the local anesthetic it was over lol spent more time worrying than what it took to destroy the thing my whole worry was over and i feel quite happy they took the best option to do what was needed as they do it day in day out what put my mind at ease was when my consultant told me i was her twelth patient for treatment that day so gave me enough faith in her that she knew what was best for me as i did question it in my head when less people have cold coagulation compared to other treatments

I will keep you updated on my healing if there are any changes so you can have a heads up of things that may happen but i doubt there will be any changes fingers crossed lol hope you have a great holiday and i hope  you find your treatment just as pleasant as it can be

Also yes have to return to my gp in 6 months for repeat smear to make sure all is good


P.s i was also told the treatment destroys the abnormal cells but doesnt get rid of the hpv virus as this can only be sorted by the immune system and suggestions for this is to stop smoking if i smoked, look at my diest and things like exercise and supplements, think this is why they ask for smear in 6 months to make sure the virus hasnt changed anymore cells but with any type of treatment the hpv virus is still present and with any treatment they ask for a repeat smear 6 months later i thought i would let you know as wasnt told until after my treatment and feel i would of done some of these things to boost my immune system while waiting for the treatment atleast could of had a head start lol

Thanks a lot for your help. I don't smoke so that isn't an issue and work out at least 3 times a week. I eat healthy. Since finding out I have HPV I have started taking vitamin C, D and folic acid supplements as they are meant to help your immune system fight HPV and prevent further cell changes.