Worrying again... having Cold Coagulation

Hi everyone,

I posted last Friday when I received my results from my biopsy which confirmed CIN 2. I have to go for another Colposcopy and Cold Coagulation treatment on 20th August. The treatment isn't making me worry (I will take any discomfort or pain just to get rid of this CIN), it is the worry about what if I have something worse than CIN 2 that is not detected? They are basically going to destroy my abnormal cells by burning them rather than cut them out like they do with Lletz. There won't be a sample to analyse like they do with Lletz. I will be discharged from the hospital clinic after my treatment and will need another smear at my GP in 6 months time to make sure I have no further cell changes. I have noticed that a lot of ladies on here originally had a biopsy result of CIN 2 or 3 then had Lletz to find they actually had CIN 3 or worse CC. It is this what worries me and I am finding scary.

My clinic is doing Cold Coagulation on me for 2 reasons. Firstly because it is CIN 2 not CIN 3 (they only do Lletz for CIN 3) and secondly because I haven't got children yet and they want to prevent any risks with future pregnancy.

I don't know any woman personally who has had any cervical abnormalities which required treatment. My mum had one abnormal smear and had to go for yearly smears for 3 years. Luckily for her they all came back as normal after the one abnormal one so she has very even had a Colposcopy. Also, not many people have been able to discuss Cold Coagulation with me apart from one lovely member here who had it done a couple of weeks ago. I'd like to hear from people who have had it done or know someone who has had it done if possible. I want to know how they felt afterwards, whether it was successful, whether their follow up smear was normal, etc.

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Hi, I hope the following will reassure you. I had cold coagulation carried out 26yrs ago at the age of 36. I had anaesthetic injected into the cervix, this caused a cramping feeling for a minute then I felt nothing till the procedure was finished, 15-20 mins max. I had a cuppa & a biscuit afterwards, went home myself as I had no one to accompany me & felt fine. Smears at 6monthly intervals for 1year then 3 at yearly then every 3years. They have all been normal. I go 4 another next week (am 62). Please feel free to pm me if I can be of any further help. Xx Barbara.