Cold coagulation treatment DONE

Hi everyone!

So this morning I had the cold coagulation treatment done for CIN 2. For anyone that needs it done - it is absolutely fine!

I was in and out in about 15-20 minutes and only in the chair for about 5 minutes of that.

The colposcopy nurse showed me my cervix on the screen again and checked to see it all looked OK. She then put the iodine solution on again. The cold coagulation probe was fine. I only had 20 seconds of treatment and no local anaesetic as she said the injection is more painful than the treatment.

She showed me what my cervix looked like after treatment…that was interesting!! Just like a bit burnt and white!

I am allowed to bath without bubble bath, I am allowed to exercise as long as I feel ok to but no heavy lifting for a week or so, I am not able to use tampons, have sex or swim for 4 weeks.

All in all a positive experience and no where near as bad as I imagined!

Charlene xx

Glad to hear it all went well Charlene :)


I'm guessing you need a smear in 6 months for test for cure? I had my 6 month follow up smear with the nurse at my GP today. 


Yes a follow up smear in 6 months with my GP and an HPV test too. If smear and HPV come back normal then I am back to every 3 years. If smear is normal and HPV high risk then I have to go for another colposcopy just to check nothing has changed. If all is well at colposcopy then I have another smear 6 months later. If that is ok then I'm back to 3 yearly ones.

I feel absolutely fine and like nothing has even happened now. Haven't had any discharge or anything yet. I do feel slightly more tired that normal but I think that maybe after the last couple of months build up to this.

how did smear go? Did everything look ok? Hopefully you won't have to wait long for results!

Charlene xx

Smear went fine. Was quick and painless. Last year (when abnormal cells were found) it was a bit uncomfortable and I bled a bit. This time I didn't feel uncomfortable and didn't bleed at all. Hopefully that is a good sign this time round. Fingers crossed. She said my results should be with me in no more than 2 weeks.

Hi Charlene 1507, glad to hear your treatment went well and hope you made a speedy recovery. I have been given an appt to have this treatment next week as I have had mild abnormalities CIN 1 for over a year and my recent smear was ASC US HPV+.  When I had my last round of biopsies around 7 mths ago the doctor said only a very small area of the cervix had abnormal cells. Im wondering if cold coag treatment burns off the entire surface layer of the cervix or just targets the abnormal areas?

Also what was recovery like, Im quite busy with work and my job is physical and outdoors with no possibility of time off at this time. Thank you for posting your experiencence as not many people seem to have had this treatment !!