Cin 3


I had cold coagulation to treat my cin3 yesterday and thought I’d share my positive experience.

I had two inadequate smears 2 ish years ago followed by a borderline smear which meant I had to go back in 6 months. My next smear was normal so I had to go back six months later. This one came back as moderate so I was referred to colposcopy on Jan 25 this year. The Dr thought I had a small patch of cin 2 and took two biopsies to make sure. I waited 4 weeks for my results - cin 3 and cold coagulation booked for 2nd March. 28th Feb I had my period and had to cancel my appointment. The colposcopy clinic were great and booked me on for a week later.

The cold coagulation was very hot, not cold, but not painful either. I needed two treatments which involved the probe being held on the area of cin 3 for 20 seconds. The cells have been destroyed and I will be invited for a smear in 6 months. If this is normal and hpv is low risk I’ll go back to 3 year recall.

The Dr told me that even when you get as far as cin 3, two thirds will get better on their own but we all need to be treated in case we are the 1 in 3. She was so unconcerned by the whole thing, I left feeling very confident about my treatment.

Hi Josie


Glad to hear you had a reasonable experience :)


I'm having my colposcopy on Thursday 16th Mar. Stupidly this is my first smear (I'm 35) and had CIN3 diagnosed last week but your last paragraph has given me something to cling on to!


I've spent most of this weekend in tears absolutely petrified (not of the procedure but of the outcome) which I guess is normal for us ladies in this situation.


My period has just ended (yesterday) so that was good timing... Hoping it doesn't re-appear as the pill I was on (stopped last month and this is my first bleed since) made me have periods where I bled for 4 days, stopped for a day then bled for another day or so then nothing for 6 weeks.  Every time - very regular and predictable but just a bit annoying :) No spotting or anything in between (I've always had long cycles).


When are you expecting your results? Good luck! xxx



Hi Josied ! I just had my cold coagulation for CIN III a couple of weeks ago and I’m freeking out thinking that it may not work :( could you tell how did your smear resulted after the treatment ????

Thanks a lot ! Hope it went well