Just had biopsy done

Hi everyone I’ve just had a colposcopy and biopsy done this morning after an abnormal smear at the end of October. I’m sat on my sofa feeling rather sorry for myself and dreading the wait for the results!

I think it's ok to be feeling a bit sorry for yourself, it's not the nicest way to spend your morning! Have a restful afternoon and indulge yourself a bit. The waiting is the worst bit, but just try to keep yourself busy and take care of yourself. Try not to overthink things and if you feel overly worried come on here for a chat or contact the hospital.

Hope you feel better soon x

I'm only after getting my biopsy done too, still in the hospital waiting on my lift and I feel like I could cry :( how long have they told you it'll take? X

Hi thanks for your replies, a few weeks wait I think. she initially said I would get a letter then after the colposcopy said she would call me in to discuss them. which I'm now thinking isn't great. I had someone tell me I was being dramatic yesterday after I said I was worried they said it couldnt possibly be cancer as cc is very slow to develop! So now I feel like a drama queen but I'm still worried x

Hope you are ok daninewry xx

im sure they were just trying to reassure you, but as you are the one who had the procedure you are allowed to feel however you like and it is natural to feel anxious!

To my knowledge different hospitals and different doctors take a different approach to discussing results, with some prefering to do so face to face, so try not to assume that means bad news. Hope you are feeling a little better today!

I'm sorry to hear that and totally understand where you're coming from. I had my colposcopy and biopsy on 10 October and received my results by post 3 weeks later. They confirmed CIN2 but my case has been referred to an MDT meeting to agree on future management (which means even more waiting and anxiety). The wait is so difficult and stressful. Just try to keep yourself busy and assure yourself that you're in safe hands. Keep us posted when you hear back and hope you feel better today.xx

I had mine done yesterday and I feel so down and lonely!!! She took 3 biopsies and told me it definitely looked pre cancerous which has made me feel even worse... I don't understand any of this at all it's my first tome having a smear aswel so really freaked out xxx

Hi feeling a bit less stressed about it all now. I had a letter today saying thank you for coming that the colposcopy showed up what she thought was CIN2 and that she had taken multiple biospsies and would be in touch with the results. shit myself when I saw the letter as thought it was bad news getting one so quick. x

That's great that you heard back so quick. My results also confirmed CIN 2 and, following the MDT meeting, they've advised a 'watch and wait' approach and I'm going for a repeat colposcopy in February. Keep us posted on what happens next.xx

Easy to say and I must admit I don't practice what I preach but worrying an over thinking is the worst.and I've tried using distraction techniques from housework to trying to watch a film to just colouring. I can't say it helped me but try it,different things work for different people. And I highly recommend venting on here. It's so refreshing knowing you have 1St hand info from these brave ladies who are going through the same as everyone here,or have been through it. And they are always here as are we!

Sending hugs and love 


Hi im the same had colposcopy done yesterday n three biopsies taken. Have always had normal pap smear results till no. Specialist who did colposcopy said sorry but it doesn't look good but dont stress till we get the results in two weeks. Yep how the hel aren't you suspossed to stress while waiting. 

Gosh mel78 u sound like me I'm worried sick can't think about anything else! Every one been telling me not to worry but that's a lot easier said than done It was my first smear aswel and had loads of trouble for over a year and always got refused as I'm only 25 now I'm panicking cause of my little boys... sending hugs to u all and best of luck xxx