Just diagnosed with cancer waiting for further scans to find out stage

Hey ladies , im new to this and ive just been diagnosed with cervical cancer . Im 34 years old . I just have a question . Ive just been diagnosed after first being mis diagnosed with pid and cervistitis
Im in absolute agony and can just stave the pain away with nurofen panadol and tramadol in a pain management plan . My cancer is higher up in my cervix and not so much on the outside . Is there a chance my cancer has spread . Can anyone tell me the pain they feel ? Mines crippling pain and spreads to my pelvic bone and is painful to poop .

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Hi @Jessi

I am so sorry you find yourself in this club. Cancer is a bag of suck and the pain can be something else completely!

Right now I am under a heated electric blanket with a hot water bottle because my pain is unreal today. Not a day goes by where I don’t have some level of pain due to either constipation or CC.

First off just because you are feeling this pain is not an indication of spread. Once you’ve had your MRI and PET scan you’ll know more about your staging and treatment plan. The waiting will be frustrating and worrying or that is what I am finding :smile:

Back to the pain. I have period cramps that feel they are on steroids, sharp stabbing pains into vagina and also my stomach and to top it off my bowels don’t behave as I am either constipated or having diarrhoea.

I am barely managing on paracetamol and one ibuprofen help me sleep at night. Not that it always works and my GP doesn’t want to give me anything else and was concerned about me taking so much ibuprofen also. :sob::sob:

Last night it took me an hour to settle taking both painkillers and my other half holding and talking with me. I think I passed out due to sheer exhaustion but still only got 5 hours which is normal.

I am desperate to start treatment as the pain is making me so miserable and is really impacting me doing much day to day. If I have a good half hour I make sure I make the most of it…:.

If you’ve got a gyno team I’d speak with them and tell them about your pain to see if you can get anything stronger.

Sending you all the hugs

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Hey mena im so sorry to hear abojt your pain this is horrible . Thankyou i feel better knowing now that the pain doesnt mean that im in later stages it realy scares me bit i totally hear you with the pain!!! Ive found that nurofen 12 hour is good and you only take 4 tabs in 24 hours then i take panadol ostio 3 times a day every 8 hours the tramadol is 50mg and for when i get breakthrough pain and the regeme works well . Its alot better than the 4 hour nurofen and u can get a longer sleep out of it with the nurofen 12 and ostio together . The breakthrough pain on top of it all is enevidable but i find its manageable with the combo. I totally hear you about redcing you to gears with ur partner ive never felt this kind of pain . I had it closest when i was at the last stages of giving birth and its the closest i can come to with comparison . Its nice to talk to someone going through the same pain and i hope you start your treatment soon . Im still waiting to get scans so frustrating x sending love jess

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You are very much not alone @Jessi

My CSN was very clear that pain is not an indicator. She think I am in pain due to where my tumour is pressing. If you’ve not already you can do a search on the forum for other ladies stories.

Keep in touch and I really hope you get your scans soon.

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