Aches and pains!!!

I was diagnosed with 2b a couple of weeks ago.  My initial symptoms were slight abnormal bleeding and a weak bladder. 

I seem to be getting more and more aches and pains which are now waking me up during the night. I can probably only describe them as mild labour pains.  I've had my urine checked and was all fine. Had bloods taken and I had a low blood count so I've today been prescribed iron tablets.  My treatment (radiotherapy and chemo and brachytherapy ) start 20th jan.  The consultants n nurses don't seem worried but the pains are getting worse and my fear is he tumor is growing fast and pressing on parts it shouldn't. I also find if I've been sat down when I stand up I get the pains then too.  I had a clear smear in 2011 and I'm 27. So to me it's all happened so fast to get to stage 2B. 

Does anyone else Get these pains or have done in the past? 


Thanks in advance 


Hi Zoe. Waiting is the hardest bit but at least you know what you have and that your treatment starts soon. Have you been allocated MacMillan or specialist nurse? They have been helpful to me. Perhaps they can get you some stronger painkillers. I was told cc was a slow growing cancer so try to stay positive. Good luck with your treatment. I hope it all goes well. Karen

Hope u ok mine was  a slow growing tumour hope u ok xx