I found out 4 weeks ago I have cervical cancer. I am at stage 2A so radio external for 5 1/2 weeks and internal for 3 days at end and chemo 1 day a week. I have had MRI, CT scan (for my wee dots for radio) and also Pet CT scan done 3 weeks. Just waiting now on when I am starting treament, seems to be taking quite sometime. Waiting is the hard bit!!!

The pain I am in is getting worse and bleeding is also bad (been bleeding from august but as months go on it's getting worse). I have been given cocodamol to take and last week they went from 8mg to 15mg but I'm guessing the pain won't go away until treatment starts?

Do you happen to know waiting time from getting scans done to starting treatment? I suppose this situation we are all in isn't helping either. Hardest bit through all this has been being on my own, being told u have cancer and attending the appointments with Covid. ?

Any advice re pain would be much appreciated.

Melanie x



I don't have any answers for your questions Melanie I'm sorry I hope some other women chime in who know more. but at least I can send you a huge hug. This is so scary. You're not on your own. You're here now xxxxx


Your question is so much harder to answer at the moment due to Covid. It also depends on what NHS trust you are with it seems (if you are UK based). 

You can see my time line below. 

For bleeding I was given transexamic acid I think I was taking 2 pills 3 times a day and that really worked. 

I can't advise on what to take for the pain but can tell you that within a week or radiotherapy my pain had all but gone. It will be different with each person though. 


Stay strong 





Thankyou for replying, I am based in Northern Ireland,

and got a call just late yesterday saying I start radio on

monday afternoon and I will be given my plan of 

treatment then. So nervous but once I get first of each

over me hope I will relax a bit. Also hope pain will ease!

Just feel lonely having to attend every appointment and treatment alone but it's this current situation we are all in at the moment unfortunately. 

I really appreciate your replies, take care.


melanie x