Awaiting information

Hi everyone. I had my smear Friday 22nd Nov & told there and then it was Cervical Cancer - I had had quite a few symptoms really quickly.
Had the 2 x Ultrasounds on the 27th Nov along with the Colposcopy and a nice chat confirming that I had a tumour between 6-8cm.

Saw the Consultant yesterday who advised it's agressive and I have a CT scan booked in for next Tuesday.  They will have the results on Wednesday when I guess they can confirm extalcty wwhat stage I'm at and whether it's spread & what treatment they will give me.

There is also a MRI booked for Wednesday week but this may not be happening depending on the CT Scan.

Not sure if they will operate or just do Chemo & Radiotherapy

The waiting is of course the worst, and I know that things are really moving fast but they feel so slow

I have booked an appt at hairware on Monday to try on wigs etc as I want to be as prepared for it all as I can.

I know I cannot do anything physically to help myself at the moment - the bummer is that I am at my most healthy i've ever been (on the outside)

51 & went though the menopause in my late 30's

So... that's me :)

Hi Sue,
I was diagnosed in the past week, Ive got an MRI booked in tomorrow and an appointment to discuss treatment options next wednesday, im not sure what stage as yet.
This forum has many lovely people who are going through/have been through the same thing.

If you need someone to chat to feel free to message me.
Good Luck with the CT scan next week x

Hi Sue,

What a nasty shock for you. So sorry you’ve had to find us on here.

Sounds like things are moving very quickly for you, although it feels slow. Waiting is the hardest bit because you just want to get on fighting it.

Good luck for the CT scan. All the ladies on here are fantastic and you will find lots of support.

Big hugs to you, Jade xx

Thank you Jade & Anna
I just cant believe the onset of pain (and blood) etc in such a few short weeks...
I will keep positive.
Good luck to you too Anna xxx
My Macmillan nurse(s) are fab with information - I'm being treated at Bath RUH
Just want to sleep until next Wednesday x

I mentioned that I had only looked on Cancer Research, Macmillan and Jo's trust and they were pleased.  I knew that this forum would be safe


Hi Sue

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, this will be the worse time all the waiting for tests etc. I just thought that I would say that even if you do need chemo/radiotherapy(as I did) you almost certainly won't lose your hair, as the chemo given is usually cisplatin.

Good luck, keep in touch



Hi girls. I had my first

smear test last week and

had to go to the doctors

today to discuss my results

and it turns out I have cervical

cancer :( I am so scared and

dont know what to do. I have

a little girl who has a disability 

and needs her mummy :( 

I would really appreciate some

positive stories x


just wanted to send you some love xxx

i can only reiterate what people have said above. The waiting is horrid and you will feel a bit better once you know your stage and what is going to happen next. This is a fab website, stick with it. Share all your thoughts, ask what you need to know and don't go Googling... im 10 wks post op now and doing ok. Positive thinking!!! Xxx