Just diagnosed and lost (children mentioned)

Hey everybody 


I was just told a few days shin that i had cervical cancer. I have no symptoms so I'm lost and afraid of the stage of my cancer. 


Im 33 years old and have a 7 month old baby. I'm scared I wont see her grow. 

I got abnormal cells, so hadniopsy which showed pre cancerous. Got a leep done and then got s call that I had cervical cancer. 

Ive been regular on my Pap tests. And now cancer ? I have no symptoms like these ladies and how could it have developped so fast ? How advance could it be ?! 

Hi. Sorry I don’t have much advice just wanted to send a virtual hug. I also have a 7 month old. I had LLETZ treatment for severe abnormal cells esterday so now waiting for my results. One of the scariest feelings for me is the overwhelming fear of not seeing my boys grow up too. The good thing is that it’s been found and can be treated, as you say you had no symptoms it just shows that it’s really necessary to get your smears so well done for actually going. I hope everything goes well for you. X

Thank you so much. I finally got to talk to my doctor today and he said it's early stage 1 more likely and there is no tumor or lesions so it's caught early. Just waiting ct scan results. But im relieved. Now a hysterectomy not chancing it Coming bs k  Just crappy I won't lift her but I won't complain about it I feel that's all I need to do :)