Newly diagnosed stage1 feel so lost!

Hi ladies in very new only signed up today. 

Well I got diagnosed after an abnormal smear had colposcopy, biopsy,

Mri and X-ray waiting for lettz I'm so worried incase things progress as im on my own with 2 children

my partner (we dont live together) has been no help In fact he's pretty much ignored me since my diagnosis which is a great help(not!)

I just cry all the time I don't have any support it seems everybody I gave told has done a runner when all I want is someone to wipe 

away my tears and tell me everything is going to be ok. Drs have mentioned radiotherapy I'm petrified I've looked it up and I don't think I'd manage

with my boys if I get any of the side affects! 

Thank you for reading! 

Hiya Hun I no how you feel and believe me the waiting is the worst I start my treatment on the 27 April am having 5 wks radio and 5 weeks of chemo once a wk and some breach treatment for stage 2b I feel a bit scared myself but if it gets this horrible thing out of me I will do eny think it have 4 children 18/14/5/6 months the lady's on this web site our amazing thay have helped me a lot and am sure thay will be along soon to offer you some support sending you a big (( hug )) xxx

Hi Tallsarah,

I think this is the worst bit emotionally. You don't know exactly what the plans are, you're still taking it all in and you don't know who's there for you. You partner may be totally rubbish or he may be finding it hard to handle your news. Some people go funny at the mention of the word "cancer". Other unexpected people can turn out to be amazing.

I'm glad you've joined this site - there are some fantastically supportive women who will be rooting for you and who know exactly how you feel. Here's a virtual tissue - now wipe your tears away. :)You will find the strength and you will find support.  Do you have a local cancer care charity?  Mine has been wonderful and made a big difference to my recovery.

Sending you a huge hug!  

Kirsty x

Hi and I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. It's amazing how well you cope when you just have to. I didn't have chemo radiation but I had full chemotherapy and then a hysterectomy with a 5 year old and all the way through the chemo I managed the school run and everything as normal the surgery after a few weeks I was back again doing the usual day to day things. have they gave you more details on the stage 1b1? 1b2? Chemo radiation is usually for the 1b2 most 1b1 girls have a radical hysterectomy however from reading different hospitals have there own way at times. 


This is by far the hardest bit the waiting and anticipating what's to come but it does get easier. Take care. Charlene xx

Hello love,

You have come to the right place! Sorru to hear of your diagnosis but us ladies here really do mean it when we say we understand how you're feeling, we have all been there in some way or another. It is a really scary time and the unknown is always terrifying, I was lucky to have a really supportive partner and family, so I can only imagine how frustraing and upsetting it is for you to have to face this alone. However, you're not alone - this forum is full of ladies who are right behind you and will see you through every step of the way.

All I can say is, until you have your results back from your scans and your meetings with the doctor, please try and stay calm. Everyone is different but my 1a1 was reated with LLETZ and that was it - no chemo, no radio - just take it easy and rest. Every case is different so please please please stay away from Google - you will drive yourself insane and get more upset. I know it's really hard and very scary trying to take it all in and keep it together for your boys, but please remember that the treatments these days for early stages CC are very very effective indeed and it speaks volumes that so man of the ladies on this forum have smashed CC in it's horrible little face! You will be one of them :-)

Take care, big hugs and keep us updates.

Lucy xx

Hi Sarah,

Sorry you have had to come and join us here but you are now in exactly the right place :-) I just wanted to reassure you that this disease really does help you to find out who your friends are! Some people run away, some stand and gawp and some are just so kind and supportive. When I was being treated I was very alone a very long way from home and I didn't even speak the same language as the other patients in the hospital. But the other patients made special efforts to reach out to me and you will very likely find you can be just blown away by the kindness of strangers. 

Be lucky :-)


Thank you all for taking the time to reply after reading a few stories on here and your kind words

I feel reaasured now just going to try and go with the flow and take what ever may happen head on xx

Hi Tallsarah, just to confirm that you are now in touch with a huge family of wonderfull caring ladies, who have a wealth of advice and personal experiences. I know how you are feeling , as I have had my scans, and I am now waiting for my feed back meeting at the Hospital on Tuesday. Keep in touch and try to be strong. We are all thinking about you.

Big hugs xxxxxx



I just joined today and I was told on Wednesday after my Loop biopsy that it looks like I have cc, even thought I was told it was servere by smear results and also the colophony lady as she then surgested that I go under as it was quite deep, but still reassured me that no cancer was visual so to get told on Wednesday that maybe I could was heart breaking. I am booked in for a mri have no dates its the waiting. I feel like I am waiting for the post or the phone to ring. Xx I truly know how u feel

Thank you for commenting chris11. i just seem to be a blubbering wreck all the time everytine I think about it I well up! It sounds so stupid writing it down but I just can't get passed the why me at the minute which also sounds so selfish as I no people have it much worse than I do. I'm just so scared and feel so abandoned. Do you feel better for joining here as I do? Xx

The why mes? Are a natural part of the process someone once said to me it's like grief you go through all different stages in your own time, at your own pace and in your way. There's no right or wrong you just do what you have to do to get by :) thought it was a great way of explaining it xx

Hi All,


I just recently joined as well and was recently diagnosed with Stage 1B1.  I am feeling evrything that you are going through as well.  I have been to two oncologists and have decided to go ahead with the radical tralectomy. Of course this is only if everything comes back clear and it is okay to proceed. I have found this site so helpful even if I am across the pond. Just know that there are others going through this with you and that if you need emotional support I am here for everybody.