25 years old. Cervical cancer, diagnosed on Wednesday. (Children mnt)

Hiya, so I don't even know where to begin. I posted in about February time about an abnormal smear I had. I had a loop done under a general on the 2nd of April...

Well, on Monday just gone the hospital called me and asked me to see my consultant and when I went to see him, he told me I have cervical cancer.

I am only 25 and this was my first ever smear :( I have 4 children and my husband has had a vasectomy so we are probably going for a hysterectomy.

I am not sure what I am asking for by posting on here...I think I just want people to talk to who are in the same boat as me :( I am ever so scared for me, and for my babies :(

I don't even know what emotions are going on right now :( I met my Macmillian nurse and she seems lovely and she gave me a big envelope full of information but I can't bring myself to read it :( 

I don't know what to do or how to feel :(

Hi ya I know exactly  how you feel I was also told on Wednesday that I have cervical  cancer. I felt to weak as this is out of my control. I am 40 with 6 year twins and it's the hardest thing I have ever been dealt with. I am having a mri on Wednesday so they get more of a picture how things are. Today is the first day that I didn't cry all day. I think it's that word. I lost my mum 7 years ago to lung cancer so it's brought all that back to me. Has your consultant  graded it for you x

Hiya and welcome, I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed when I was 26 on the 26th of June last year with adenocarcinoma of the cervix. I have a 5 year old son so I totally get where you are right now I think my fear of maybe leaving my son behind was a whole lot worse than the fear of the cancer itself.  Have they told you what stage? If you are looking at a hysterectomy alone then I assume it's still fairly early. I was diagnosed with stage 2b in the end although it was early 2b it was that part that totally ripped my whole world about. Try not to Google it there's a lot of statistics but they are all based on so many factors like age, response to treatment it's not necessarily relevant to you. Try and take it one step at a time and focus on what's happening today wether it be a pet scan, pre assessments and absorb what's happening in the here and now. Days where you don't have any of that try to be as normal as possible normality and feeling normal is such a massive part of getting through this or it was for me anyway, doing the school run making the dinner Etc. I know it's so extremely hard and scary but cervical cancer is very well treated in its early stages and keeping a positive attitude will definitely help a long way. Cry, shout, scream, be silent so whatever you have to do and before you know it it will be a distant memory, although it's always still there it does get so much easier. The stage in the process that you are at now is by far the hardest I can assure you. The radical hysterectomy isn't as bad as you would think either, I was sore after it but of you've had four kids it will be a doddle :). 


Take care. Charlene xx

Hello both of you :-)

I am so sorry for your diagnoses. Very wise words above from Charlene, I can only reiterate. You will get a lot of support from the other women here and there is absolutely no good to come of Googling anything. We will answer questions for you and give you immense support. This stage you are at is quite the hardest part of the whole thing. Once you have been staged and have your treatment plans it becomes much easier to cope with. Please do your very best not to imagine the worst as most of us survive this and go on to live long and happy lives.

Be lucky



Thank you for your support its just the unknown, I seen consultant on Wednesday he did say the tumour is 2cm and there where cells kn cervix the mri will give him more information about how deep it is to see what treatment.  Its just the word. I have smear tests since I was 20 and have been all clear so thix has ome of a shock. The consultant has said its ealy but the fear is still there to what the mri will find. My husband keeps reassuring me what the consultant said so I then feel positive and then the negative comes in to my mind. I have read it is the most treatable and cureable cancer.  My husband has said at this momeng its winning as I am lying around and feeling I guess depressed .

Hi both of you,

I know exactly how you are feeling as I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. I have found the support from all the lovely ladies on this site so reassuring as I am sure you will too. Good luck and big hugs to you both.

Keep in touch xxx

Thanks Diane,

Its just a hard time. Would a consultant say its early stages if he didnt think so. I also asked if he thinks it would have spread to different organs and he said no, so I guess I shpuld build mh positive thpughts on what he has said.

Hi Chris,

I felt exactly the same about the nightmare of it spreading, but in the early stages they say it is extremely unlikely.

Very good advice from another lovely lady was listen to what the Consultants say, and not what they don't say !

You are going through the hardest part, but I am sure , like me , you will feel a lot better once the checks and scans are complete, and you start your treatment plan. As my consultants advised me, CC is very common, and is now very treatable with excellent results.

Good Luck xxx


Thank you for your kind words, all we all want to hear is that we are going to be ok. Did u have mri and if so was it whole body or pelvic. 

Hi Chris,

after a Colposcapy, I had a pelvic MRI scan, a pelvic CT scan,  an internal bladder and bowel check under GA, then a full body PET scan.

I have been staged at 2B with a 4.5 cm tumour, and have an appt on Wednesday to discuss my Chemo, Radio, and Brachy treatment plan.

Try and stay strong and positive - we will all get through this. xxx

It's so hard sometimes  Diane but am trying. X I don't know how to move on from diagnosis it just seems to have taken over my life x

Bless you Chris, it is perfectly normal how you are feeling, I was exactly the same 3 weeks ago, but I found that speaking to the fantastic ladies on the Jo's Trust Helpline really helped me, as did the support and reassurance from the lovely ladies on this Forum.

Please keep in touch with you progress. 

((((HUGS)))) xxx

Hi all of you lovely girls...I think I'm going to find

this site very supportive. I also just undergone

MRI after being diagnosed early stage of cervical

cancer. But still don't know the results and what

is going to be next step. I'm single mum and living

alone with my 10 years old boy, far away from family

so it was really a bad dream ro hear this. My family 

is depending on me too and this is the biggest reason

to live. Of course I would love to hear from you

about your fears and feelings cause I am also scared.

trying to stay positive and immediately changed

my diet, it is the easiest thing to do. Do you have

pains and different amount of bleeding as a sign...?

Let's stay positive and strong together...prayers 


Hi Kat, I had no symptoms just got picked up on routine smear test which I am update with and which where all clear. To get this has shocked me. I have gone through different emotions with crying, feeling sorry for myself and not wanting to do anything.  My consultant  has said he thinks it's very early. My mri is on Wednesday  part of me just wants the jigsaw put together and am hopping that once results are in and treatment  is in place I might start to feel better. X

I had symptoms of abnormal bleeding, more discharge and some pain here and there but mine being the glandular type the discharge is more common I'm told. Everybody copes with these things differently but I will say you need to stand up and fight and tell yourself absolutely no chance this thing is getting me, not just the fear of it being terminal but it controlling you life!! Be strong and determined, take all the treatment you can get and show cancer it doesn't stand a chance :))). Xx

Hello again...I've noticed there are some meetings on this site planned so I thought if there is anyone who wants to meet

and get together to get some positive  thinking. I live in London near Regent's park which is great spot for relaxing or

we can come to other suggestions. So girls if anyone feels to go for it, please just drop me an email [email address removed]

Stay well and shiny :)


Hi sorry to hear about your diagnosis.I had cc stage 1b.it was nearly 4 years ago now.I no it's a shock but you will get through it.the worst bit is the waiting and the staging.once you have treatment plan in place it's better.it will be scary and your life will be changed.positive thoughts got me through it.you control the cancer don't let it control you.it's very hard though.I had radical hysterectomy I now it's 6 month check ups.3 more and I've reached 5 years.it's a long road but you will reach the end of it. Good luck and keep us informed xx

I have only just seen these! So sorry! Well my consultant put me at the most a 1b however, I got the write up of my appointment with my consultant,

You know the one that goes to your gp etc and you get a copy...Well he has put in there I am at LEAST a 1B1! But pushing the margins!

So now I feel lied to :( I am having a bad day today :( 

It's been almost 2 weeks and I haven't had my ct scan or mri scan yet :( 

Hi hun, 

It's all a waiting game I had mri last Wednesday so am hoping I find out this week what treatment  plan I have. Consultant has said it's early stages which is positive so trying to stay with them thoughts. 

Heya stay positive! The wait is the worst part of all this

i paid private for my MRI and had it the next day beause I was so upset about the unknown

and I was only stage 1b they took most of it out with the lettz and the MRI ame back clear!

just had half a hysterectomy to make sure there's no microscopic cancer lurking... You'll be fine the wait is the worst part of all this

My sister had stage 3 cc aswell and she's fine it's the most curible cancer so don't see it as the end... Eveyone thinks it's spread everywhere but trust me you'd have symtoms if it was 

in your other organs please try and stay positive xxx