Newly diagnosed and scared

Hi I'm 36 and have recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer....I have no idea what stage as I'm still awaiting results, at the moment I'm just really scared and confused.....I'm completely new to this site and have no idea what I'm doing.....I was told about it after my diagnosis on Monday, I was informed it was very good for finding and speaking to other ladies that are experiencing the same journey as me....I have 2 older children a partner and plenty of other support around me but still feel alone in this as its me its happening too.....I hope someone understands how I'm feeling and can offer me some advice.

thank you 

Kelly x

Welcome to the club no one wants to join. Sorry you are here but glad you are. 

Its really hard to give advice when you don't know what stage you are, or what treatment you are going to receive. But you are no doubt in shock! At the same place on my time line as you I was convinced I was going to die in 6 months, unable to sleep, and generally a mental mess! 

Things will probably start moving along a pace, scans, results, appointments etc. how you deal with it will be personal to you but just remember you have Cancer but cancer does not have you. Research when you know your stage what possible treatments maybe so you can go in to appointments informed and work in partnership with your team rather than just accepting whatever they tell you. Stick to here, Cancer research and Macmillan sites. 

Think about what you need from people, get ready to get blown away but some peoples kindness and some people's apathy! 

Any questions that pop into your head ask away. It's a time of many, many questions to try and make sense of one of the biggest shocks you will ever get. 

Good luck

Hi Kelliwoo

I know and understand just how you are feeling right now, it was just the same for me.  It's an awful time but things honestly do get better once you know your stage and have been given a treatment plan.  Strange but true!

Be kind to yourself, try to do some nice things and treat yourself.  I did as much as possible to occupy my mind, just wanted to think of something else other than cancer all the time.

This site is brilliant and you will get lots of help and support from the amazing ladies that post here, they certainly got me through it at the time.  Let us know once you have got your staging and there will be lots who will be able to offer help, guidance and advice.

I had my Wertheims Hystercetomy 2 years ago today and whilst it certainly brings the memories back, I'm glad to say life is good again.

You'll get there - we'll be with you all the way.

Big hugs


Hi Kelly :-)

Very fine words above from two women who really know. A scary time? Yes! The end of the world? Not a bit of it! There are some wonderful women here who will happily answer all your questions and as 365days says, stick to only this, Cancer Research and MacMillan sites. Do NOT Google!

Happy Birthday to your hysterectomy Cheryl ;-) mine is 47 months today I realise.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kelly,

lt is normal to be worried and to have all sorts of scenarios going around in your head BUT you now have us to lean on if required and never hesitate to ask questions, any questions. 

i will add my voice to the  "don't google" campaign.

I know it is easier said than done but stay positive and keep your energy to kick the cancer out of town.

Stay strong,


I truely can not tell you how much this site has helped me! Having cancer is the loneliest thing ever unless you've been through it you can not understand what your going through. I was diagnosed with advanced CC and mine has now shrunk due to all of the treatment I've had.....don't get me wrong it's no walk in the park it's so hard and there is times you will want to give up but you can't - we won't allow it! 

My advice is to keep a hospital bag packed - you never know!, try not to think if the negative, try and be open with your loved ones when you're going through your treatment eg if you need help tell them don't be ashamed!

This is going to try and distroy you but it won't because the hospital won't allow it and you wont