Just been called for a colposcopy and now all I can do is worry

hi. I'm 24 and had my first cervical screen a week ago. I received a letter that has told me I have changes to my cells and HPV is also present. I've been asked to attend colposcopy and with my letter are cancer leaflets. i know I shouldn't but I keep looking things up on the Internet and continuously find information on cancer which is beginning to upset me.

i am currently at uni but all my friends are aged 20-21 so haven't been called for their screens yet. I am feeling alone and scared. I am worried that something serious could be found. 


I'm the same age and my first letter said a similar thing (but I got no leaflets) 

I wouldn't read to much into the leaflets anyway, it's more for educational reason.

You have been called to the coloscopy clinic because HPV is present and allows them to have a closer look at the cervix, maybe even do a small biopsy if they think it's necessary.

It's hard but try not worry about it and call the clinic for more info, I'm sure they will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

I know how you feel having no one around going through the same thing, but this site and forum have been really useful for me so far. So feel free to ask any of us questions and I'm sure we will try to help :)




Hi Zoe,

Please don't worry. I am exactly the same as you, received a letter saying there are changes and HPV is present, I also got all the cancer leaflets, and I was the same as you, panicked and started googling, until I found this website. The ladies here are all so kind and helpful and they really do put your mind at rest.

I have my colposcopy on Monday, really not lookign forward to it but know it needs to be done. It's still always in the back of my mind but I am trying to keep myself busy.

I will let you know how I get on Monday/



all the best on Monday. I booked my colposcopy yesterday but have a little bit of a wait for mine. I have only started using this site but it has eased my mind slightly. Thank you For your response and I hope all does go well on Monday. 



Thank you for your response. It is so hard no to worry but this site has given me more information than I thought it would. It's nice to know that there are other people out there willing to support each other. I have booked my colposcopy so it's now a case of waiting.  Xx

Thank you :) It seems ages since I had my appointment come through.

I am new to this site too only joined since I found out about needing to go for a colposcopy,

Thank you :) I will keep you updated!! So scared! lol