Hey All, After months of putting off my first smear test, I went for one on Friday last week.

This morning I received a letter from the hospital saying that my recent smear showed abnormal changes, and I've been booked in for a colposcopy on 16th November.

It says I can discuss the results further with my GP, but obviously with it being the weekend I can't do that until after the weekend.

Now what's got me terrified is how fast I've been referred for the colposcopy. Does this mean they've found something bad?

I really wish I hadn't received the letter until Monday, when I could at least ask my GP to explain a little more about what they have found.

All I can do now is worry that its something bad, and already the terror of leaving my 4 year old behind has got me so upset. I know I shouldn't be thinking like that until I know more.

Hi matey,

stop panicking!!? Easier said than done, I know, but abnormal changes do not mean cancer!! Changes can lead to cancer that's why they want to get you checked out and that's what happens in a colposcopy. Do read the colposcopy section on here, it is very good, as is the NHS website. But do NOT google!!! The forum section for colposcopy has been so so busy the past couple of weeks with people in your position so do have a read of their posts.

most people who have abnormal changes do not go on to have cc, as can be seen from the number of posts on here for colposcopy but not newly diagnosed. I was one of the unlucky fe, I'm afraid. I work in a small primary school and 6 of the ladies have been through colposcopy in the past few years, so it is more common than you think. Just such a shock when you get told.

keep busy tomorrow, read on here and get in touch with GP on Monday. Good luck xxx


Hi Laura, I hope you’re feeling a little bit better about things this morning. 

I had my first smear a few weeks back. Last Friday I received a letter from the Hospital telling me that on Monday (TOMORROW!!) I will be going to Colposcopy for an examination and possibly treatment. I rang my GP straight away who hadn't yet heard from the hospital. I then ran the Colposcopy Unit who, quess what, are closed on Friday's! I didn't know anything about Colposcopies and had only been provided with a diagram of my Cervix and a letter about the HPV Virus! I spent the whole weekend in a frenzy watching Lletz procedures on You Tube and Googling like a crazy woman. By the time I'd spoken to my GP the following Monday I was in a complete mess. However between speaking with a very reassuring GP and finding Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust website I have managed to calm myself down for tomorrow. 

Please don't panic about the speed of things. When I spoke to my GP about this he said that it’s standard procedure to be seen within a few weeks. He also explained how abnormal cells, no matter how high or low, are only abnormal cells. They are eager to remove them because if left for too long have the potential to turn in to something more serious. Even in writing this I am still very apprehensive as I’m yet to have my appointment tomorrow. But I am trying my hardest to take the good advice that has been offered to me through the Forum and keep calm. 

Take Care


Thank you both for the reassuring words.


The logical part of me is saying don't worry until there is actually something to worry about. Unfortunatley, the first thing i did was google, never a good idea. Thankfully it led me to here though and reading other peoples stories has reassured me. Even those that have turned out to be cc


I am glad hear that your gp said they do act quickly new, and that you are in the sane situation. I hope you get on ok tomorrow when you go, good luck!


I think the very vague appointment letter from the hospital is what got me panicing so much. Hopefully speaking

with my GP tomorrow will help a little more.


Spending the next week in a state of panic certainly wont help or change anything, so keeping busy it is.


Dons369, sorry to hear you were one of the unlucky ones. Hope your doing well and thank you for still taking the

time to reassure me.


Thank you both for your replies, I'm sure i will remain apprehensive but I do feel more reassured xx

Good!! Fingers crossed for u. It's not easy, i worried so much when I was where u are now x

Not easy being a lady, eh?

hugs x

Certainly isn't easy being a lady!

Rather annoyed today, went to try and discuss my results with the GP to find out some more seen as the letter was so Vague. 

Receptionist looked on the screen to see if they had results, muttered something about none if it making sense to them. To then offer me an appointment to see a GP on the 25th November, which would be after my colposcopy anyway. She then went on to tell me they don't have the results and I probably get a letter explaining the results shortly. So that left me all very confused.

So unless I recieve a letter before next Tuesday, I think I am going to have to wait until then to find out what the smear result showed. xx