Issues with cerclage stitch and would like advice on tac

Hi ladies I need some advice please.
January 2012 I had a R.T and at the time of surgery I had a stitch put in place. I believe but am not 100% that it was a cerclage stitch that I currently have.
Over the last 2 years I’ve been having a number of issues with this stitch. As every month that passes by my periods are becoming more and more painful. I feel like something is tugging down on my insides and I get this awful pressure feeling. I also get the sensation that my stomach is filling up and not much blood I getting out. Sorry for to much info.
Another issue which is the main one for me is during intercourse my partner has always been able to feel my stitch. I have mentioned this to my consultant a number of times. My consultant has mentioned during examination that the thread is noticeable and has cut the thread down. Back in March of this year during intercourse the thread/stitch actually cut my partner open. Again I mentioned this to my consultant and again he cut the thread down and told me that if this was still causing issues to get back in touch and he would have to review my options.
My consultant mentioned he could remove the stitch but would have to put something else in place. He could remove this stitch and put another on in with the knot of the stitch on the inside so my partner wouldn’t feel it or he would have to ask about and see what other solution would be possible.
Me and my partner have been trying to conceive now for 3 years with no joy. We currently have a 6 year old who was conceived no problem before I was diagnosed. I have had a number of tests to see if there is a reason as to why I haven’t been ble to conceive. I had these tests done at Bham women’s hospital. Laparoscopy and dye test, scans and blood tests all came back clear. My partners sperm check also came back with good results. The doctors and Bham women did say that during surgery for the laparoscopy they did have great difficulty getting the camera through my stitch and that they believe my stitch being so tight is the reason I haven’t been able to conceive. My oncology consultant believe this isn’t true and says the stitch has to be tight for the reason if I did conceive it has to be able to hold a baby in place.
Now I have done some reasearch and seen that some women that have had a R.T have had a TAC. Most of what I have read on a Facebook page is that a TAC has been placed a few months /years after a R.T.
I have a number of questions concerns I’m hoping you lovely ladies might be able to answer for me.
If you have had a R.T and at some point either during your R.T or after you have had a TAC placed which hospital did you have this done at and for what reason did you have it done?
Was it done because you also had issues with a cerclage?
Did you find you became pregnant easier with a TAC and had issues conceiving with a cerclage?
Did anyone have a TAC done at Bham women’s
My main reason for wanting this cerclage out is because of intercourse reasons and painful periods but by the sounds of it my consultant is not aware of a TAC because this has not been mentioned to me.
During my laparoscopy and she test and Bham women’s I didn’t have a good experience with this hospital. I don’t want to go into details but I was very upset at the way I was treated. Although the thought of traveling to another hospital out of my area concerns me I also do not really have faith in Bham women’s. I really don’t know what to think so would love some advice. Tia

Hi Monty,


my stitch was cut off during my 2nd operation, and nothing put in place. My oncologist said the main reason of premature is infection and that if i get pregnnt i would need antibiotics treatment (through vagina). He also said that tac can be putin place any time... So i think i will opt in for antibiotics and will see for TAC depending on how it goes


R.T. due to Cancer in 2006, TAC put in back then during surgery.  No issues at all, not even during sex.  Blessed.  2017 now pregnant and 20 weeks.  Baby sitting low, worried but hopeful! IVF bc we didnt want to wait/getting older!