Cervical stitch

hi, I'm not really sure which board is the best to post this on but I'm hoping to find someone who has had a similar experience and can give me some advice.

I was diagnosed with CC at the end of last year and had two LLETZ procedurea to remove quite a big chunk of my cervix. We then managed (luckily) to conceive and I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant. They've been monitormug my cervical length but found out yesterday it's shortened from 32mm to 20mm in 6 weeks. They say 15mm would be very high risk. I've now been given a few choices about what to do next: do nothing and just see what happens; one off steroids that might strengthen things (but if they don't I can't have another dose); or a cervical stitch. 24 weeks is the last opportunity to have the stitch so I have to decide by Wednesday at the latest if I want to go down that route. A stitch could make my waters break, or could cause infection. Could also cause problems if I go into labour before the stitch has been removed. I'm going to have another scan on Wednesday but then have to have a definite final decision.

Any ladies been through similar and can give me some advice? Especially anyone who has had a stitch and can give their experiences. I was prepared for this possibility all along but now they've gone through the risks I don't know what to do. Would really appreciate hearing from anyone.

K x

Hi K, 

You poor thing, this must be such a worry for you and I can understand you not knowing what to do. I can't give you advice about which decision to make as I haven't had these procedures, but I did find this on Mumsnet which may help http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/154794-anyone-had-a-cervical-stitch/AllOnOnePage

I honestly don't know what I would do in your position. Can you ring your consultant and get a bit more information on just how risky the cervical stitch is and how likely in percentage terms things like your waters breaking are? If you had a bit more information about the level of risk, it might help you in your decision making and I think you're entitled to ask as much as you want - it's such a big decision for you. 

One thought I did have if you do decide to go for the cervical stitch is if they could give you a couple of days beforehand some specific steroids to mature the lungs of the baby? My daughter was born prematurely at 30 weeks and she threatened to arrive a month before that at 26 weeks - I was getting contractions and my cervix was open so they were convinced she was on her way! In order to give her the best chance they could, they gave me steroid injections (I think it was three altogether, over two days) to mature her lungs in a way that would normally happen naturally much later in pregnancy. In the end, she changed her mind and decided to sit tight for another four weeks and arrived at 30 weeks, but obviously this is still not ideal and both I and the neo-natal staff are convinced that having those steroid injections a month before put her in a better position than she would have otherwise been. I certainly would have thought it's worth asking, because if they can give you those a couple of days before you have the cervical stitch, at least it would give your little passenger a helping hand if your waters do break.

Perhaps Tommy's might be able to help as well. I know it's not specifically their area, but it is kind of related, so it could be worth giving them a ring to see if they have any more detailed information on risks/benefits etc.. http://www.tommys.org/page.aspx?pid=262

Good luck my love. 

Annabel. x

Hey there,

I’ve sent you a PM as I have a friend who had the stitch. She’s happy to answer questions and she found a lot of helpful info and people with similar experiences in the forum at babyandbump.com under the gestational complications section.


Hi mrsmac,

How are you? Did younhavebthe stitch? Hope all is ok.

Lisa x x