Cervical Stitch - advice needed! (pregnancy mentioned)

Hello ladies,

I was diagnosed with cc (stage 1b1) in November 2013 and had a radical trachelectomy in December 2013.  During surgery, I was given an abdominal stitch to help with any future pregnancies.  Since surgery, I've been really lucky and have recovered well.

In January this year, I was informed that I have an infection due to the stitch.  I have been on antibiotics on and off since then to try and clear this but my consultant told me that it could take about 6 months to clear.  Then, 2 weeks ago (out of the blue) my consultant told me that she wanted to remove my stitch.  I was really shocked.  My understanding is that the stitch is not sitting as it should and is basically not fit for purpose.  I asked the consultant about putting another stitch in its place and she advised that it wouldn't be straight away, that these decisions are made on a case by case basis, but that generally a new stitch would not be offered.

I was not prepared at all for this news.  I was so upset afterwards.  Now that I've had time to reflect and speak with family and friends, I feel more positive about it because I am not accepting that this is it.  I have an appointment at the end of the month to meet with the consultant to discuss any questions that I might have.  I have lots!

I have had a read through previous forums and although I have found posts about the stitch, I haven't read of anyone having it removed in circumstances like my own.  Does anyone have any experience of this, or advice?

I want to go to this meeting with my consultant with all of the information I can, but the internet doesn't appear to have much on this subject, possibly because the trachelectomy is a fairly new procedure.

I know how lucky I am to be in the position I am and I hope this doesn't come across as me being selfish.  It's just that I'm 31 and don't have any children and although I wasn't sure if I wanted children before this all happened, I am now.  I know these procedures come with risks and add complications to pregnancies.  I just don't want to be fobbed off and I'm not really sure what to do, or where I stand.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Jen xx


Hi Jen.

I had the same op as you in 2013 (also 1b1) but they didnt put a stitch in, they just left a little stump of non canerous cervix apparently!

If i am lucky enough to concieve i have been told they then put a stitch in to hold the cervix closed and monitor me closely. In my personal experience I havent been able to concieve naturally as the lack of cervix means ther isn't enough cervical fluid helping the sperm to pass through, or thats what the doctors think....which could also happen if you have a stitch in there i guess. It might make it more difficult to concieve? I would maybe discuss with them the chances of concieving with and without the stitch and the implications of having a stitch after you concieve instead.

Sorry - im not sure if that helps, but might put a different angle on it.

I've started a blog about conception after trachelectomy as i will be starting IVF next month if you want a read  www.trachelectomy.wordpress.com

Keep smiling


Hi Parkyparks,

Thanks for your message.  I hadn't thought of that and will ask those questions.  I'm not sure that I have any cervix left?  Maybe that's why they gave me the stitch.  I will definitely ask. 


I'm sorry to hear that you haven't concieved yet.  I always remember the consultant saying that it could affect the chances of conceiving but that's great that you will be starting IVF next month.  Did you have to wait long for that?  I wish you every success with your IVF and will check out your blog.

Takecare and best of luck,


Hi Jen,

I was diagnosed in May 2014 and had a trachelectomy with a cervical stitch in July 2014.  I am told I am healing well and whilst we haven't tried to conceive yet we do want to try for a family in the future.  The Consultant wanted me to have a hysterectomy but we asked for input from the fertility team beforehand to help us make a decision - if we couldn't have kids then we would have gone for the hysterectomy and tried to harvest eggs.  


It sounds like you are doing your best to make informed choices.  Please don't let them fob you off.  Fight for what you want from your treatment.  I would suggest you push your Consultant for a meeting with the IVF team that way they can perform all the necessary tests to check your fertility etc before you make a decision.  


I hope your next meeting with the Consultant goes well and that you reach a treatment plan that works.  Take care and good luck for the future xx