problems with my stitch

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this message but I am really needing some advise regarding my stitch.
I had a radical trachelectomy 2012 and at the time of surgery a stitch was placed inside to act as a cervix.
It took me a long time to get over surgery, gain confidence and get my sex drive back. My consultant has asked me during internals if my partner has ever commented on being able to feel the thread of my stitch. At this time we wasn’t really having much Intimacy as I was really frightened of doing the deed after such a major operation.
We have been trying to concieve now for 18 months so my partner has a few times commented on being able to feel the stitch and how it was very uncomfortable for him. The next time I meet with my consultant I mentioned this to him and he managed to cut the thread down, but did say he wasn’t able to cut it down any further. Last night during doing the deed my partner was in agony and had to stop. When he took a look he had a really big red mark and also the stitch had broken his skin. We both feel this is destroying our sexual relationship especially as we are trying to concieve. I am worried to contact my consultant as I feel I am going to be fobbed off. I feel I’ve been through enough and faced allot of changing problems with my body from my operation but I am truly thankful it saved my life. Please if you could advise or suggest what to do. Many thanks

Hi sweetheart,

how awful for the both of you to feel like you

can't address this with your consultant.How about

talking it through with the CNS and ask her for

support when talking to the consultant.

Absolutly no way should you have to put up with

any more upset,especially when you are trying for

a baby.

I hope you get this sorted out ASAP so you both

can get back to making babies ;-)

All the very best for the future.Let us know

how you get on.

Take care

Becky x

Hi Becky thanks for replying to my post. I was thinking of contacting my usual cns however last time I called on her for support it took her ages to get back to me and when she did I didn't find her helpful at all. She was always been good but now I'm put off by this. There is another cns I was thinking of contacting. She has been really good when I had dealing with her before but I've tried to search for an email or contact number with no joy. I just feel like it's 5 steps forward 10 steps back.