IVF ? Confused, Upset stitch is to tight ?

Hi ladies I am looking for someone who can help/ advise. I am 29 was diagnosed at 25 with cervical cancer 1B1. January 2012 I had a radicaltracheotomy. I have a 5 year old boy who was conceived naturally before I was diagnosed. I have been trying to conceive for now for 16 months with no luck. My consultant has refered me to fertility specialist at Birmingham women's hospital. I have had blood tests, scans and a laracoscopy and dye test. I had an appointment the other day to discuss the results and the next step. So basically I think what the consultant has said is my bloods are fine and showing I am ovulating, my scan has come back fine with a small cyst on my right ovarie but this is from ovulating? The problem they have found was the opening where the cervix should be, where I currently have a stitch is to tight. They had problems getting through with a camera so had to call a second surgen down who eventually managed to get through with a camera. They also mentioned my bladder is attached to my uterious and this is from having a c section and apparently is quite common. Also they found signs of endemitriousis. The consultant has said it is not impossible to get pregnant naturally but because I have been trying for quite some time now the chances are very slim and my only option would be Ivf which I would have to fund myself as I already have a child. Some of the information the consultant told me is a bit of a blur because I honestly wasn't expecting to me told this so I was in shock a bit. Obviously wanting another child is quite important to me but I have mixed feelings about ivf. The consultant has given me some information to take home and read but explained she would like to give me 6 more months of trying naturally and go back next year to decide if I want to go for Ivf or not. I am feeling very angry and upset. I feel I have been robbed the chance of a women to have any more children. I am extremely lucky and thankful to already have a child as I know some women have gone through similar journeys as me and don't have children but I can't help how I feel. To be diagnosed at the age of 25 from my first ever smear is heart breaking but now to face fertility issues at the age of 29 I feel like my heart has been wiped out. I have questions going round in my head and also anger towards my consultant. When I was diagnosed I was told about the radical tracheotomy and how it means I get to keep my fertility. All I have been told was I would be able to conceive but it might take a little longer and I would have to have a c section. In the past 16 months of trying I have found out more now than I did before which I believe is wrong. I wasn't told the risk of misscaraige is higher, the risk of still birth is higher, the chances of going into premiture labour are high and the fact I would have to have antibiotics throughout a pregnancy. I am angry none of this had been discussed with me as I believe everyone should be told this. It's important information. What I am confused about the most is from what research I have done it seems that most of us ladies that have had a radical tracheotomy and have tried to conceive have all had the same problem. The stitch being to tight and the opening is to narrow. Surely an easier option would be to replace the stitch and make it looser? Make the opening bigger ? Because I am having periods the blood is obviously escaping so why can't the sperm get through? Please if anyone could advise or help with your own personal stories I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks you



I had fertility issues trying to conceive naturally. I was about to start IVF when it just happened.

So firstly, dont give up. It can be done.

Just remember - your stitch needs to be tight so that when you do get pregnant it holds the baby in and keeps out infection. If it were loose, there would be no point. it needs to be sealed shut.

There is a private group on facebook called UK TAC support. Please join us as there lots of women in the same boat who are trying to conceive after a TAC and lots of pregnant women too. There will be plenty of ladies on there who will share their conception tips with you. Sperm friendly lube, soft cups, positions…and most importantly offer you support as it probably seems like you are the only one who is struggling.  

I think you should probably research IUI - artificial insemination first. This costs around £750 and they pass the sperm through the opening, which is often what the problem is. If the doctors managed to pass a camera through and you are having a period, then there is room for sperm...My doc explained to me that without a cervix you don’t produce cervical mucus so its like a sperm crossing the desert! Hence why its more difficult and might need some help getting there.

Sorry you are feeling like this, but having a trachelectomy is so much less invasive than having a hysterectomy and really is a miracle treatment which a lot of ladies unfortunately don’t have the privilege of having. I am so thankful every day that i didn’t have to have a full hysterectomy and chemo and still had a chance of a family. Its certainly not going to be easy, but life deals others a much worse hand than us.

As for the premature labour, still birth, miscarriage….every pregnancy has risks. Don’t believe everything you read. Not enough research has been done yet so its not worth worrying about. Which is also why the doctors don’t discuss it.

I hope you find some comfort in this and wishing you all the very best



Thank u Parkyparks for ur message it makes allot of sense. I haven't been online for sometime so I have only just seen ur message but thank u. I will most definitely check out the group x

Many thanks Parkyparks for ur message. Sorry I haven't been online for some time so only just seen ur post. I appreciate ur support and I will most definitely have a look into that group. I have more faith and much more positivity since I posted. I'm bk to see the consultant in April so have a few more questions. Everything seems to be working fine so I'm keeping fingers crossed it's just going to happen when the time is right. X