Is this normal?

Hi All,

I had LLETZ treatment and cone biopsy 8 weeks ago to treat CIN 3. I had no bleeding at all, and haven't had any since (I've since had a normal period which was slightly heavier and more painful than usual but tolerable). I had no 'scabs' fall out or anything which apparently is what is meant to happen after healing - I had some discharge after the LLETZ & cone which cleared up within 2 weeks but that's about it.

I'm wondering if this is normal and does this mean my cervix is healed? The reason I ask is that I think I am very newly pregnant - me and my OH are TTC (was given the OK by the consultant to try) and wondering if anyone had similar experience? I don't have much info on the state of my cervix at the mo other than the lesion he removed was wide across the surface area of the cervix and did not go into the canal or elsewhere.

Any insights or help would be much appreciated xx


EJ x