Pregnant after LLETZ

Hi guys, advice needed please, after being married and with my husband 7 years and not bein able to get pregnant, I recently had my LLETZ and results were cin2, I've just found out today I'm pregnant? Not with my husband anymore we are divorcing but been with somebody oer a year, my husband was checked when nothig was happening and his results were fine, ha anybody else had problems ten caught after havig cells removed? also I had 2cm of my cervix removed and worried I wot carry? Thanks girls xxx

Firstly, congratulations that's fantastic news! I've seen a few posts here and there of people getting pregnant straight after lletz but have always assumed it was a coincidence, would be interested to find out if there is some sort of link. I've had about 4cm removed from lletz and cone biopsy and told if I get pregnant I'll be very closely monitored and depending on how much of the cervix is left they can put a stitch in temporarily to help you carry. With no experience yet of pregnancy I don't know what happens but do you have some sort of appointment to see someone about it? I wish you all the best, look after yourself and keep us updated. Xxx

Hi sweet thank you for the reply, I've been told that around 16 weeks they may stitch me and remove it at 36 weeks they told me the cervix is 3cm long and 2cm were removed from mine with results of cin2.... I have. I appointment regarding any stitch till later on.... I have midwife thursday and will speak to her about it then, I was told that cells on the ervix can present you getting pregnant, just seems to have happened as soon as they were rremoved, also worried as I have my smear in jan (6 month check) but won't be able to have it due to pregnancy just wonderinf how it will work now? Xx


Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope your appointments went well last week and I'm guessing some of your questions have already been answered. Firstly, if you want some support or advice about getting a stitch put in there is a private support group on facebook with other ladies in your situation. Another Jo's trust lady recommended it to me and it everyone either has a stitch in or is in the process of getting one. Its called UK TAC Support.

As for smear tests. I guess they will probably hold off until after the baby is born. I was due a smear when I first found out I was pregnant and so the doctor just had a look to see if there was any sign of changes to the cells. I believe they can also swab the cervix with something to show up any changes. So i would keep your appointment but maybe call in advance to discuss or talk about it on the day. I'm sure they will have had others in a similar situation.

All the best


We've been wanting to get pregnant for around 6 months. But just as we started TTC, we found out I have CIN1-3. Ive recently had the Lletz procedure and they said at the appointment that its okay to get pregnant from now on. Ive had my results and it doesnt say if it was all, if anything, properly removed. All it says is that I am to have a follow-up colposcopy in 6 months. But obviously if I get pregnant then I can't have that done surely? I did want to wait until I was given the all clear to get pregnant but we just want a baby so much! Don't know what to do and Im so confused.

Chloe x

Hi Skyleague Congratulations that is fantastic news especially as you have tried to get pregnant for so long. Please try not to worry you will be looked after really well and your team will be aware of your past treatment. Like you my sons Partner had Cin2 she had Lletz to remove the cells and 6 weeks later was pregnant with their first. She was unable to have a followup smear early on to see if the Lletz had been successful because she was pregnant but had a smear near the end it was normal. I am so pleased to tell you I am the proud granny of Twin Boys they will be a year next month. I wish you all the very best throughout your pregnancy and for the future. Sending you hugs xx

Sky league how did it go for you x