Pregnancy after 1a1 Cervival Cancer and 2 Lletz treatment


I'm not sure if anyone can help but I'm just looking for some reassurance regarding pregnancies after LLetz treatments. I am 25 and recently went for my first ever smear which showed changes. Following this I had a coloscopy and a biopsy which came back stating I had CIN3. I then went on to have LLetz to removed part of my cervix. A few weeks later I recieved a letter to say I needed to return and see the consultant where I was told that a histology (test) had been done on the removed area of the cervix and within this they found a very small area of cancer which was graded stage 1a1. The consultant suggested that this may have been the only area of cancerous cells and that hopefully the lletz will have now removed the cancer but just to be safe she wanted to conduct another lletz to check there were no other areas of cancer. 

Whilst I was shocked to hear that they had found that there was (and hopefully is no longer) cervical cancer my main cause for upset was the potential effect the treatment may have upon any future pregnancy. I am newly married and was intending to start a family in the near future. The consultant stated that there would be an increased chance of miscarriage following the treatment and that I may need a stitch to hold my cervix apart. 

Has anyone gone through simailar treatments and gone on to have pregnancies? Just feeling very upset and worried and would really like to hear from some other people and their experiences. I feel very lucky that the cancer has been found but I am concerned about the future impacts.

Would be grateful for any help! X

Hi Banannah!

I'm sorry no-one has been around to offer you reassurance yet. I'm pretty sure that lots of people have successful pregnancies after LLETZ. In fact, maybe they're too busy with their kids to hang about on this forum! ;) I have read a couple of threads with positive stories on this so it might be worth searching past posts.

It's great that they've caught it so early. I know it's still shocking and I wish you very best with your plans for a family. :)

Kirsty xx

Hi B,

Sorry to hear about your recent treatment, twice too, poor you. i read a while ago their used to be concerns that LLETZ may cause babies to arrive prematurely. However, I don't think there's any risk it makes getting pregnant more difficult or increases your chances of miscarriage. 

i've just had a quick dig to find the latest on this and it looks like the concerns doctors had around people having premature babies may have been proved not to be the case anyway. I'm not sure why your consultant said that though, maybe ask him?

Here's the link:

So I think Kirsty is probably right, it seems like lots of people go on to have babies just fine. But they're probably too exhausted to talk about it :)

Hope that gives you a glimmer of hope, but maybe discuss it with your doctor to make sure it's correct in your case.


Thank you for your replies! 

I have now undergone my second lots of Lletz and received the results today that showed no cancerous areas remain! Huge relief! 

After speaking to my consultant she has suggested that we wait a couple of months to make sure my cervix has chance to heal but said after that we should be able to start trying. She has said that in my case she would want to put in a stitch as I've had a large part of my cervix removed. 

Fingers crossed things will be up from here on in! 


Can I ask how you are getting on now?


Sorry to hear you’re worried but understandable. I had quite a large deep area removed by a
Lletz treatment due to CGIN and CIN3, no problems conceiving but I did have a premature baby at 31 weeks and in hindsight the midwife said I wouldn’t need a stitch as I only one lletz but I wonder if because of the area maybe I should have. I’d push for one, just in case next time. He’s well and doing fine but there are risks with premature birth and it’s a very stressful experience, so better to have a little stitch if you can. Hope this helps!