Is this normal or should I be concerned?

Hi everyone,

I had lletz treatment for CGIN around 5 months ago. I healed ok and had clear margins. However, since a couple of months ago I've started spotting which is something I've never experienced before. Is this related to the lletz treatment or should I be concerned? I have my test of cure colposcopy in a few weeks so will raise it with the doctor but wondered if anyone here has any experience if this? 

thanks ? 

Hi sunny,


I haven't been without a recent LLETZ long enough to be able to answer this for you but it might be worth using the search tool on the forum whilst you wait for your appointment.


Alternatively, I believe there is a Facebook group for people experiencing issues after LLETZ. You may find that useful. X

I would definitely mention it at any appointments. I had spotting pre Lletz but am only less than a week post Lletz so unsure what is normal afterward.

I suppose our poor cervices go through a lot- I had a lot of spotting post biopsy for ages and though it was either the cin, the biopsy or both 

Thank you both for your helpful comments. I've just discovered my appointment is today (I thought it was the end of June!!) so hopefully will get some answers x

Hi Sunny,


I hope your appointment went well x

Hi Lemon,

Well I'm not quite sure what I was thinking but I left my appointment and realised I'd totally forgotten to mention the spotting to the consultant ??‍♀️ The appointment was really rushed with no time for questions so I think it just slipped my mind! 

On the bright side, he couldn't see anything of particular concern and didn't take a biopsy. I had a polyp where my cervix had healed from the last lletz but he decided just to cauterise it. So fingers crossed for a good result from the smear test. 

Hope you're doing ok xx