Is my bloating related to this?

hi all,

first post, not sure on how to put all this.

I’m 26, had a routine smear in July a year since my last one (as I have HPV) and got a letter for the colposcopy soon after explaining that I had high grade (severe) dyskariosis. 

Had to reschedule as was due on so 2 weeks later I had it done.

I had LLETZ procedure done at the same time: am I right in thinking the colposcopy was the “looking part” and the colposcopy was actually removing the abnormal cells?

I think I was in a state of shock the whole procedure and wasn’t processing things normally so I can’t remember much of what my consultant said, but he seemed happy with the procedure. 

6days later I’m getting that horrendous smell I’ve seen be described on this forum - when would you advise to seek medical attention - how do you know if it’s an infection or not?

And what is the waiting time (UK based) for these results, and did anyone else have other symptoms?

ive seen my GP about severe bloating and pains for over 6months but have been shrugged off as putting on weight etc.

its only my stomach that has seen progressive growth, I’ve had sharp pains just below my sternum, my hair falls out (no bald spots), sex is painful (not had in over 6months) and have had sharp random pains in my vagina shooting upwards.

i feel like a hypochondriac but I don’t want to miss any signs or not take the small signs seriously enough.

guess I’m just asking for advice ladies, and in this forum I hope I won’t be judged for all these questions.

any advice/recommendations/experiences are all welcome

and thankyou x